NZGamer: Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Review

NZGamer writes: "How many 64 fans went out and got themselves a 360? Whatever the figure, the reception of Banjo Kazooe: Nuts & Bolts could be dependent on it. Rare was the one company that developed with near unshakeable quality for the Nintendo 64, and their buy-out by Microsoft left some fans slightly bitter. That said, I don't think any of those that defected from the Big N to Microsoft during the following generation will be able to leave this one on the shelves. It's Banjo. It's Kazooie. It's been too long and it's too exciting".

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Omega44031d ago

Wow only .2 away from resistance 2 score, this game might still have a chance of being AAA after all :)

GUNS N SWORDS4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

for $199.99 now that's a steal.

DeZimatoR4031d ago

Dude that comment was just sad.

Really, really sad.

So a game is dependant on reviews to be considered bad, good or great, to you?

That says a lot actually...

swiftshot934031d ago

why do you post in the gamer zone?

Lanoire4031d ago

There is no way in hell this average game is even remotely close to triple As like LBP and others.

Rigged score.

prowiew4030d ago

Ive played the demo but didnt like it. A game like this should be easy to pick and play. Not 20 minutes of explaining how the game works. They should stick with the old banjo formula.

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Dweg4031d ago

Another AAA exclusive for the 360

fufotrufo4031d ago

good score...since this is not website i know ..i don't know how its going to do in other sites..but looks like it won't be a flop like some people say

Hope it gets even more good scores

btw ..why is there a 8/10 score for this game in the avarage score? even worse..its not even a review..someone should fix that

GiantEnemyCrab4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

That's just one of the reasons why the meta scores on N4G are completely worthless. You are right though, that is not a review and it should not have a score for a preview.

This is a great score for the game. I hope it's given a chance and not just insta-fail because it's not a clone of the same gameplay from the last Banjo game.

thereapersson4031d ago

I think you are right. MetaScores shouldn't matter, because some people will rate the game just to drop its average. It's like that with many games, actually, and is why people need to make up their own, unbiased, objective opinion about a game.

Actually, the same could be said about any site that culminates reviews, because you don't know how many reviewers out there have an agenda against a particular game, or are just doing stuff to get hits on their website.

N4PS3G4031d ago

huh? a 9 ??

i really wasn't expecting a 9 for this game

nice score! keep it up banjo!

GUNS N SWORDS4031d ago

this was one of RARE's best N64 titles, and I'm glad to hear this.