Neocrisis: Untitled PS3 Games

Neocrisis: Over the last few weeks several games have been announced but without any title. We also do not know if these will be exclusive to the PS3 or not.

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Deviant4036d ago

14. Team ICO

15. Another Team ICO

Coheno4036d ago

Yeah?? That's a big one if it's true!
It also states Quantic Dream...have they more than Heavy Rain up their sleave?

Mainman4036d ago

I know Ken Kutaragi has his own dev company now, which is being financed by Namco Bandai and Sony. I heared he was working on 3 PS3 exclusive games.

Infact, I remember in famitsu there were some scans revealing 1 or 2 of these titles.

thor4036d ago

I don't know where he got 2x Team ICO games from - I'll keep my hopes up but OMG we have heard barely ANYTHING about just ONE of their games - it's killing me D:

Lots of these are going to be multiplatform - namely all the Namco Bandai ones, the Square Enix one, one of the Rockstar games, the Silicon Knights game and a couple of others.

Coheno4036d ago

The second ICO game is probably the PSN game they were interested in doing...

thor4036d ago

Hmm... as much as I'd love to see a PSN game from them I think I'd rather see their fully-fledged game in 2009 (rather than 2010 which it's looking like if we don't get info soon).

DRUDOG4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Bubbles tetsuhana for tracking those scans down. Sucks I can't read 'em, but the shots look interesting.

Doppy4036d ago

Brave Arms looks cool, the other one looks like a bond game.

The gaming GOD4036d ago

The third game to that set from cellius is called "second season 01"

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The gaming GOD4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

But aside from that, we can probably take a good guess as to what some of the games are

Rockstar- Probably LA Noire

Rockstar - Old West- More than likely the new red dead revolver

Namco Bandai - RPG - Probably the ps3 tales that we keep hearing about

Team ICO- Could be that "the queen" game

The rest I have no clue of lol

CloudsEnd4036d ago

The Queen was a fake :D

tocrazed4you4036d ago

the sources I don't remember crap being announcement.

The gaming GOD4036d ago

I vaguely remember some of these so I know he isn't just making this up. The problem is I don't remember the sources these game from.

GiantEnemyLobster4036d ago

Because Sony is trying to hide them forever from the public, for fear of embarrassment on how floppy they are.

The gaming GOD4036d ago

Do you even realize how stupid you look and sound on a daily basis?

ThatCanadianGuy4036d ago

The sad thing is that he actually thinks he's funny.

Mr Fancy Pants4036d ago

the job of a troll is to be annoying not funny anyway...

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sinncross4036d ago

1. Namco Bandai - not sure about tales title.. that rumour was mistaken.. Famitsu were actually hoping for an exclusive tales title not reporting that one could possibly be made.

2. Namco Bandai - cant be sure... thsi has been in development for a long tiem.. probably cancelled.

3. Namco Bandai - this Shooter has also been around for a while. Like 2, probably cancelled.

4. Croteam - Serious Sam 3 for sure, not exclusive.

5. Rock Star - Red Dead Revolver 2... presumed to be a ps3 exclusive when it was shown for PS3 hardware... tough to determine now. Do sony have a exclusive with Rockstar? hard to tell anymore.

6. Square Enix - MMO was announced some time ago... doubt its exclusive - i think they'll keep MMO's on as many platforms as possible.

7. Alien - RPG? Who are they? never heard of them before.

8. Bizarre Creations Racing - maybe the James Bond racing game that was talked about? multi platform indeed!

9. Destineer Spy - most likely multi platform.

10. Factor 5 - Lair 2 maybe.

11. Illusion Softworks - multi platform title im sure.

12. Rockstar - La Noire perhaps, but signs point to multi platform these days.

13. Silicon Knights - probably the SEGA collaboration titled that was hintd at.. doubt this is exclusive.

14. Team Ico 1 - That 'Queen' game is not real... it was some art project that someone made. That said, this is definitely in development... hopefully they show something soon.

15. Team Ico 2 - its the PSN game that was said to be made while their main title is being done.

16. Qunatic Dream - possibly Fahrenheit 2 multi platform, and maybe Sony will be lucky to get Omikron 2 exclusive, with Omikron port for PSN.

Coheno4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Oh yeah Team ICO 2, totally forgot they have talked about doing a PSN game, that's probably it!

The rest of the line-up you name also sounds pretty right to me...

Gorgon4035d ago

This list is a pile of crap, to be honest.

"7. Alien - RPG? Who are they? never heard of them before."

That's a RPG set in the Aliens universe, developed by Obsydian and published by Sega. It's multiplatform and was never announced as PS3 exclusive.

The second Team Ico game was never "anounced", it was always a rumor.

This article is nothing but crap.

Gerry4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Seriously that Lobster dude Is a 40 year old virgin living in his mums basement with nothing better to do with his life than troll PS3 stories all day. The same can be said for the other Xbox trolls who troll the PS3 stories.

I_am_rushin4036d ago

You're here instead of playing your PS3 why???

ThatCanadianGuy4036d ago

" Yeah.....and
You're here instead of playing your PS3 why???"

That's the stupidest f*cking reply i've ever seen.

ever consider people don't spend 24 hours a day,7 days a week playing video games.

The gaming GOD4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

You're here instead of playing your PS3 why???"

Probably the same reason you aren't playing YOUR game system.

Not everyone plays games all day, EVERYDAY, 24 hours per day fella

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