Achievement Unlocked: You Get More Achievements!

A user-submitted article to takes a look at the difficulty of achievements that are being presented in newer 360 games, as well as World of Warcraft.

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GiantEnemyLobster4031d ago

Originally and exclusively on the Xbox 360. Imitators will be laughed at (lol sony)

MountainMaverick4031d ago

Yeah the whole trophies thing came in too late to matter to anyone.

PirateThom4031d ago

Yeah, Microsoft invented awards in games for doing specific additional tasks... lol wut?

tinydancer4031d ago

they did implement it in an entirely new way.

truehunter4031d ago

How is that org ?? Have u ever play star ocean 3 ??
These stuff has been around in NES games not that it was online. Sad people will say or do anything just to pull one slot. How much MS force developer to make achievements ??

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RKRigney4031d ago

My gamerscore is lower than the IQ of a retarded half wildebeest-half goat baby. People that add me must think I'm a noob. I'm Baconation on Xbox Live, btw!

cheese4031d ago

I am embarrassed by my gamerscore, mainly because it's so high LOLOLOL

JeanPool4031d ago

One trophy is worth 10000 gamerpoints, so JeanPool has a gamerscore of 570000. Boo Yea, he cries.

RKRigney4031d ago

I think hard achievements are the best. Like Wax on-wax off in Geometry Wars 2. Getting that made me feel AWESOME!

Volvobug4031d ago

I'm not even gonna lie: I couldn't beat it.

JeanPool4031d ago

JeanPool beat that stupid trophy easy, on the PS3!

JeanPool4031d ago

JeanPool thinks that baby is the spawn of Satan, someone exorcise his tarnished Microsoft soul!

Stoneroses63004031d ago

I hate achievements in general.... so stupid...

hombrehambre4031d ago

a lot of people like them. I'm included in that group. Therefore, they're not stupid.

ElementX4031d ago

If they were so stupid, Sony wouldn't have copied them

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The story is too old to be commented.