ButtonMasher: Portal: Still Alive Review

HopsNZ writes:

"As mentioned earlier, Portal: Still Alive is not a sequel. It is essentially the same game with some advanced versions of the test chambers and 14 new levels which introduce a few new elements, such as electrified floors and crushing ceilings. These additions will only extend the game a few hours tops, which doesn't make it a worth while purchase for Portal veterans or those who already have the Orange Box. But if you are oblivious to Portal and have never seen it in action, this is a must buy for Xbox 360 gamers (the final song accompanying the closing credits is reason enough to warrant a purchase!). Even with it's brief story mode (5 hours tops) the original Portal took away Game of the Year, Innovation Award and Best Game Design at the 2008 Game Developers Choice Awards, which just shows what you can expect picking up this game. You won't see that type of game at a price point of 1200 Microsoft Points."

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