15 Best Hack and Slash Games of All-Time

Love to slice and dice? Here are the best hack and slash games for you to play and forget about all your troubles with.

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Inzo171d ago

GOW will always be No. 1 but I am surprised that "Worrier within" isnt on this list seeing that it was the best of the original PoP trilogy.

SuperSonic91169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

God of War PS4 is hack and slash perfection. GOAT

Ninja Gaiden - jump slash
Golden Axe - kick those gnomes
Super Shinobi 3 - that slice sound
Bushido Blade - run as far as you can
Tenchu - my first stealth game
Guardian Heroes - my first slasher jrpg
Castlevania Symphony of the Night - my favorite jrpg slasher
Devil May Cry - style and substance
Metal Gear Rising - Kojima Platinum master piece
Demon's Soul - hard as hell
Dragon's Crown - modrrn Golden Axe
Bloodborne - creepy slah fest
NieR Automata - Platinums best
Sekiro -Tenchu ressurected

Played all of these gems and they are the best.

NarutoFox169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

In Demon Souls I just use magic and spells 80% of the time

nucky64169d ago

i don't think of the souls games/bloodborne/sekiro as "hack 'n slash". do that in those games and you don't get far.

PlatinumKing1982169d ago

Kojima had maybe 5% too do with metal gear rising . I guess that’s how we actually got a ending in the game .

bluefox755168d ago

Not sure why you got so many downvotes, this is a pretty solid list.

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DedicatedDark169d ago

Latching onto the top comment to share you the actual action gamer list:

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Highlife168d ago

How about Champions of Norrath or Boulders Gate. Why can't they make games like that anymore?

168d ago
bluefox755168d ago

Ah, Champions of Norrath, that was an underrated game.

darthv72170d ago

Dante's Inferno is a really good GoW clone for H&S. Same with the CV Lords of Shadows games.

meganick169d ago

Dante’s Inferno was lame and forgettable.

MWH169d ago

that's just your little opinion.

DaveZero169d ago

are you drunk?? funny but people still play that Dante inferno still.

Blade92169d ago

Uhhh no Dantes Inferno was damn awesome.

meganick168d ago

I rented it back in the day and thought it was a lame God of War clone that wasn’t all that enjoyable, creative or memorable. I didn’t realize it had such a devoted following judging by the number of disagrees I got. That surprises me.

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MWH169d ago

i had great fun playing them both and LoS was a surprise hit for me, being a die hard classic Castlevania fan i overlooked it completely i mocked it even to my foolish ignorance. By luck i tried it and it reminded me to never underestimate or judge a game or anything else for that matter before you try it with an open mind.

DaveZero169d ago (Edited 169d ago )

That old chestnut because GoW was released first, not even the same game and both are great in there own rite. It's actually unbelievable and disrespectful to call Dante's Inferno a clone.

And you must be off your tree to call castlevania a clone. Many would argue it's just as good if not better, all depending on what you like most of all really. You see i prefer castlevania and Dantes over god of war, but if any took the crown out of the three, that goes to castlevania LoS for story, content and lore, dantes for speed and gameplay and god of war for graphics and style with abit of history..

darthv72168d ago

I didnt call CV a clone. Only Dante. Because Dante is literally a clone of GoW. That's not a bad thing and i too like it more but it is what it is. There are many games who draw similarities of others to the point where they are often referred to as a clone of something else. Again... that's not a BAD thing. Case in point, Quantum Theory is considered a clone of Gears of War and its a pretty damn good clone at that.

Just remember, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

micdagoat19168d ago

Dantes inferno is one of my favorite games ever

darthv72168d ago

the special attacks are awesome, especially when fully powered up.

micdagoat19168d ago

I've wanted part two since the day I finished it.

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Knushwood Butt170d ago

Still have MGS Rising and GOW III in my pile of yet to play games. Still want to play them.

Str8Chaos74169d ago

Never played GOW III but MGS Rising is amazing!

refocusedman169d ago

You NEED to play GOW 3!!!!!!! Amazing game and great set pieces. The 1st 5 minutes will have you hooked.

XxExacutionerxX169d ago

REALLY!!! God of War 3, I would say God of War 2.

MWH169d ago

I agree, GOW2 was the pinnacle of the trilogy no doubt.

capjacksparrow169d ago

Mechanics wise, God of War 3 was the best though. The seamlesness of switching between weapons was so smooth. Not to mention, it was the first game up until that point where other weapons were viable options instead of just the blades.

bluefox755168d ago

I think GoW2 was a bigger step forward for it's time, but I still think GoW3 is objectively better. If GoW 3 was released at the same time as GoW2, I doubt many people would say 2 was better.

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