Bayonetta Trailer Analyze [With Snapshots]

PlatinumGames.Inc Faction Analyze the latest Bayonetta Trailer.

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Rikitatsu4035d ago

at all ... People just complain about how the character looks "silly" honestly, we have a rotten generation of gamers on our hands who play games just for characters!

The gameplay looks bloody awesome.

Fishy Fingers4035d ago

Huh? Characters are very important.

Personally, I think it looks great but it just doesnt hit the right buttons for me. I don't like the thought of using a women (not being sexist, just honest) and I dont like the use of nudity, it just screams desperation of trying to attract teenage males towards the game in the hopes of seeing a pixelated nipple here and there. Just feels to me like they're trying a little to hard. But I'm keeping an eye out, we havent seen much yet, maybe something will sway my decision.

Rikitatsu4035d ago

Sure, I never argued about that, But some people are saying they won't buy the game because of the character!, Seriously, I mean a lot of the best games in history had silly characters and no one complained .

And they are excused for "trying hard to sell their games"

Their last project, "Okami" was one of the best games ever and it sold like Crap .

If Good reviews won't sell their games, then its understandable that they will resort to such Methods.

zPlayer4029d ago

sorry but okami was done by capcom this game is a sega game

barom4029d ago

Okami was done by Clover Studio, a studio owned by Capcom before they it got dissolved. Most of the Clover Studio developers went to form PlatinumGames which is an independent studio. They are now creating Madworld, Infinite Line (I think that was the name), Bayonetta and an untitled game by Shinji Mikami who has worked on pretty much all Capcom projects at some point or another. In many ways he's like the hardcore gamer's Shigeru Miyamoto

Anyway the director of Bayonetta is Hideki Kamiya who directed Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry, Viewtiful Joe and Okami. All has been rated 90% or higher at GameRankings.

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Rikitatsu4034d ago

going to be the sleeper hit of 2009.

Most people will swarm over GOW3 [even if it turned out to be worse than bayonetta gameplay wise]

Forgot to mention that Jaffe and Barlog are no longer in the santa monica studios ... GOW3 could turn out to be a disaster in the gameplay department ... I know it will be amazing graphics wise though .. the artists in Santa monica studios are very very talented

kadosho4033d ago

Bayonetta is definitely more targeted towards fans of the crazy talent; including the direction of videogames. Sure its "tongue n' cheek", but how often do you get a game that's willing to push those creative boundaries?