RUMOUR : Metal Gear Solid 4 - Extended Ending Coming in December?

Shortly after the release of Metal Gear Solid 4 (PS3) on 12th June 2008 a rumour surfaced saying that a new extended ending would be released exactly six months after the games release, no details were mentioned about what this extended ending would contain, but at the end of MGS4 Old Snake says that he has six months left to live...

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LoVeRSaMa4036d ago

I hope its true also, as ive been telling all my friends about it since i first heard it :D

Its very like Kojima to do this though *Crosses Fingers*

MAR-TYR-DOM4036d ago

personally would like to see a mode where i can play all the cut scenes in the game

thor4036d ago

Not going to happen. Since the cutscenes are rendered in real-time you would have to install that particular chapter to view the cutscene.

DJ4036d ago

Then all the data would be on your hard drive already. This happened with the MGS3 Subsistence game, where if you already beat the game the cinemas were unlocked.

I'm guessing Kojima may do something similar, though through an online update rather than making us purchase the game all over again.

MaxXAttaxX4036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

-In the end, Snake has 6 months left to live.

-The game was released on June 12th worldwide.

-6 months from then is December 12th.


Also, it was rumored to be a time-unlock, except it doesn't read the time from the PS3 clock, but online. So we can't cheat like in MGS3(the death of The End by old age)

Elimin84036d ago (Edited 4036d ago )

Looks more badass Than them both though I know he is the original but you get so use to playing with solid you know, It's hard to replace him.

JoySticksFTW4036d ago

in which you complete missions to gather info or to aid Snake, while Snake is on his missions. Not necessarily interact with Snake while he's in the field...

...Just complete parallel missions kind of like Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield in RE2 or Ada Wong on RE4 do

You have to admit... playing as Raiden fighting against Vamp on top of _____ and seeing Snake fight off all of those Geckos in the split screen would be pretty cool :)

Yoma4036d ago

Haha I guess I'm like the only one that doesn't own MGS4? :o

mikeslemonade4036d ago

Probably just shows Solid Snake shooting the breeze and drinking a beer.

Mozilla894036d ago

Haha I don't own it either, I'll get it at some point though.

morganfell4036d ago


Well here is the problem. Snake never says he has only 6 months to live. Naomi told Snake this. This was before Drebin provided the Syringe with the new Foxdie. As Big Boss told Snake in the cemetery, the new Foxdie is already counteracting the old one and one day it will go active again, but no one knows when that day will be.

Alvadr4035d ago

Does it really need to be longer. I already nearly fell asleep during the current ending.

godofthunder104035d ago

I'm glad the mgs4 get to play the extended eddition version.The problem i have is people don't get credit where credit is due.I have a 360 and love it but i'n no 360 fanboy.I'm glad that they have some extra mission that mgs4 fans get to play.The only problem i have is that fanboys from both sides have double standards.

I remember not long ago when microsoft was selling some extra levels for a game by download for $10.Every ps3 fans was saying that it was wrong for microsoft to do things like that.They was saying things like the 360 fans are stupid to buy it because it should have been in the game to begin with.They were saying things like people shouldn't buy the 360 because microsoft is money hungry and will screw people anyway they can and this proved it.They also said that that is why they like the ps3 because sony cares about their customers.Fans from both systems has a double standard when it comes to their system.

Ps3 fans are singing a different tune since sony is doing the exact thing as microsoft is doing.The fact is that fans from both sides has a double standard.Just look at some of the article that ps3 fans posted.They claim that it's a good thing and they can't wait for it.When microsoft did the same thing to a couple of their games the same ps3 fans was saying that microsoft is money hungry and will find a way to steal every dime from their fans.Since it's about sony doing the exact thing now they think that it's a great deal.I'm not saying that all the ps3 fans do things like's just ps3 fanboys and the 360 fanboys do the same thing when it's the opposite way.Instead of acting like a bunch of jealious kids they should just be happy that people get to play a game they like for a little loner.

The fact is that it doesn't concern them 1 damn bit what system a person has and how much they spend on it.I don't care if 1 system cost twice as much as another system and they both play the same games.The fact is that some people just like one system over the other.I could see if a ps3 fanboy or a 360 fanboy had to buy the opposite system for someone else.Then they would have the right to complain to them about how much more or less a system cost then the other.The fact is that they don't pay for it.They should just enjoy the system and game they have and don't worry about the other system.The fact is that if someone is a ps3 fan they shouldn't even worry about the 360 because it doesn't concern them and vice versa.

Fans from both sides should be happy for the other side.The fact is that microsoft and sony doesn't give a sh*t about any one of us.They are probaly laughing their a**es off at the fanboys.Both companies will lie and do anything they can to get on top.If a company like microsoft and sony never did anything under the table they wouldn't be where they are right now and that's a fact.They are both good systems.They both have positive and negative things about then.What i'm trying to say is that the other system is just as good as the other system when it comes to games.Every one should just be honest instead of saying every thing that's on the other system is negative and every thing the company do is negative.This is prove of fanboys have double standards when it comes to the system they have.

4035d ago
falcon4035d ago

do you think that's somehow connected to the extended ending? that appear at the end of the game but nobody that i know never heard his voice.

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PirateThom4036d ago

Didn't Kojima already mention some game changing fact coming on this date?

Final_Rpg4035d ago

Biggest stunt ever in gaming.

Zerodin4036d ago

The same ending with "Coming soon to the 360" at the end of it.

PirateThom4036d ago

Yeah, they might upload the new ending to Marketplace so everyone with only a 360 can see what they're missing then.

robotnik4036d ago

Then, all of sudden, you wake up, and realize that you dont have a PS3, and not even a XBOX.

The Matrix4036d ago

Zerodin does 0 agree and 19 disagree mean anything to you? Sony and Konami have confirmed that MGS4 will NOT be going to the 360. Haven't you read the news?

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4036d ago

Hmm...Same as the xBox 360??? i.e it has six months left to live!!! ;-D

Kleptic4036d ago

more like Kojima coming on record...again...and saying 'the 360 simply can't run MGS4'...

and I would agree with him...after all, MGS4 does use UE3..

Snake Raiser4036d ago

That would make sence. About it coming in December that is. Snake had 6 months back in June. 6 months later is December.

4036d ago
ELite_Ghost4036d ago




Run_bare4035d ago

You should buy a PS3, it won't hurt you really, who knows you might like it.

I owned an xbox 360, but it RROD on me twice (2nd time - i got it after 7 weeks) so i never touch it again.

PS3 got some good games, granted it won't have the exclusives that the x360 has, but x360 won't have MGS4 as well. You should try it and be a grown up about it. It is the best machine around.

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Mr Fancy Pants4036d ago

if this is true and it comes with a trophies update then i would beat the game again.

moparful994036d ago

Hell ya.. I've clocked 5 play throughs before I lost interest but here lately I've had an itch to pick it back up, this will def re-ignite that spark..... Kojima is a mad genius

Tyler Durden4036d ago

would you imagine the creativity of those trophies
Trophy: Solid grip
Squeze 50 crothch

ajeben8094035d ago

Kojima knew about trophies long ago and has been planning to release them since launch lol. I wouldn't be surprised

dj_funky4036d ago

awesome news.. would love to beat this game again.