Devil May Cry 5's New Update Has Reportedly Removed Censorship From a Cutscene On PS4

Devil May Cry 5 has received an update for the Blood Palace mode today on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but apparently, there were some other changes as well.

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rob-GP1881d ago

The article tries to make out that only the PS4 had the lights. There are 3 or 4 naked moments in the game. All of these scenes had the lights censoring them on all platforms, except one scene. That one scene was censored on PS3 but not the others. However, all the other scenes were still censored on all platforms.

So, I doubt the lights are gone in all scenes unless it’s been removed on all formats

rob-GP1881d ago

Thanks for the down vote, who ever stupidly did that. At least leave a comment and say why you downvoted seeing as I stated the facts that all platforms had all but one scene censored. Ah well. If you can’t reply then you’re clearly a silly child

Anyway, just checked on the EU version and the light is still there so either the guy out up the video as April fools or it’s only adjusted the US version of the game.

KyRo1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

Mate, this is N4G. You will get down voted for absolutly anything (just look at the guy down voted you for a typo lol). It means nothing. Don't rise to it.

KickSpinFilter1881d ago

I just left a down vote due to you complaining about a trivial point on the "up-voting system".
Who cares, you should concern yourself with things that matter.

LiViNgLeGaCY1881d ago

I wasn't going to down vote you, because I agree fully. But then you cried about the down votes. So, I hit the down vote.

rob-GP1881d ago

To those saying they downvoted because I mentioned about downvoting... fair enough - this is a comment section and I was making a comment on the state of the comment section. But, nevermind. Also - I'm not upset or angry over it, I'm far to busy to get upset with trivial things like this.

I was just interested in why I originally got downvoted on my original, factually correct (bar the mistype), message, with no comment explaining why :)


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dumahim1881d ago


You're not kidding. There was a rather lifeless article about Borderlands 3 last week. Maybe 15-20 comments and not a whole lot of up or downvotes. I had the page up for a while and I hit refresh and suddenly every comment had a downvote except one (guessing the downvoter missed the click).

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Smokehouse1880d ago

Is that what those things are? I was trying to scroll down through the rest of your post. Seems that was it.

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RedDevils1880d ago

I down voted you to piss you off.

froy4021880d ago

Complaining and bitching about downvotes earns you more downvotes

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TheColbertinator1881d ago

I left a downvote because you wrote a legible comment.

rob-GP1881d ago

You down voted because its 'legible'... As in a comment you understood...

Looking back, I can see I put ps3 instead of ps4 (thanks to my phones auto correct), other that that I'd say its not hard to understand what I was saying.

Either way, nice to see more faceless cowards are downvoting for similar stupid reasons. And people wonder why N4G is looked down on in regards to its comment section...

Fishy Fingers1881d ago

* downvotes in the hope you learn to care less about random strangers clicking an arrow *

1880d ago
gamer78041881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

not really, only ps4 had the extra lights, now all the platforms have the same number of lights, but they are unsure if the other scenes that were on all platforms still have the lights. They need to just remove them all across the board.

rob-GP1881d ago (Edited 1881d ago )

yeah - I don't know if it's NA only though as I re-ran the video on my updated EU version and it was still there.

Personally, I would have thought the light would have gone to the other platforms (as all other naked scenes have the light), but I imagine they didn't do that because of the backlash over the 1-second clip.

gamer78041881d ago

@rob-GP weird, it might be NA only then, I don't have the game yet to test unfortunately. Seems like it would save developers time to not worry about adding lights and version testing which ones get what lights, sounds like a waste of efforts.

rainslacker1881d ago

If it's on all platforms, maybe it wasn't censorship, but the dev not showing it in the first place. Not all conveniently placed light beams, bananas, or household ferns are censorship. Censorship suggests that something was changed to remove content from it's original intent . That change is usually through means of a 3rd party, but not always.

gamer78041881d ago

originally extra lights were given to the ps4 version, so it is censorship regardless of who initiated it.

rainslacker1880d ago

I understand that. But there were other scenes that people say were censored, despite being the same across multiple platforms. Those are the ones I'm talking about. I was also speaking more in general, and that people automatically attribute censorship to things the dev intended in the first place.

I'm all for calling Sony out where applicable, and do so on many occassions on this topic, but I'm not for the knee jerk idiotic calls of censorship that I also see attributed to Sony, when it's either the publishers decision, or the developers original intent.

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v_eno_m1881d ago

i'm here for the downvotes

Veneno1881d ago

You most likely got downvotes because your comment says a whole lot of nothing even worth replying to. But I would agree that if the comment is intelligible then anyone who hits disagree should post a comment on why it's disagreeable. But your comment was just rambling and doesn't really warrant a response.

Hope that helped.

Rachel_Alucard1880d ago

You obviously are mad or bothered by it enough to keep going on about it. If you had any emotional strength you wouldn't of made the first comment complaining about some comment voting system.

Fluttershy771880d ago

It was me the one that downvoted you. I think I did it just to upset you, you know? seeing your reaction I'd say I succeed it. Ah well...

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PhantomS421881d ago

If a half a second of light stopped you from getting the game then you probably aren't mature enough to play.

mrmikew20181881d ago

I always about to say the same thing bro.

BadElf1881d ago

Lol Phantom...you arent cool or anything. Calm down

Veneno1881d ago

Phantom if that's what you really took from the comment then you aren't paying close attention to the actual issue.

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bluefox7551881d ago

If you're interested in nudity, get the PC version. There are mods, lol.