You'll Need to be Brave to Play Supermassive Games' Man of Medan Alone | Twinfinite

Greysun writes: During PAX East 2019, I sat down to play a demo of Supermassive's new game in The Dark Pictures Anthology, Man of Medan. Spoiler: it's like Until Dawn.

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Kribwalker1401d ago

i’m so pumped for this one. I loved Until Dawn, so this will be a day one for me

salmonade1400d ago

I wonder if it will be a full size single player experience, or will they opt for a shorter experience and charge cheaper. With these guys I actually don't mind either way. Until Dawn was a lot of fun to play with others in the room.

Kribwalker1400d ago

Id be ok with either. They are saying they want to release 2 a year so i could imagine it being a little smaller, but it seems cool

1nsomniac1400d ago

I absolutely loved Until Dawn but I do hope the new game has a slightly less Americanised “teen horror” theme. It was a little overly cheesy.

Nacho_Z1400d ago

Agreed, great concept and they pulled it off too but it was a bit cheesy and cliched. Didn't ruin it by any means but there was room for improvement in that area.

Hedstrom1400d ago

Loved Until dawn so this can be interesting.

akaFullMetal1400d ago

Loved until dawn, bring it!!!