Yooka-Laylee's Demastered Nintendo 64 Mode Is Out Now On Switch

Nintendo Life writes: "Originally teased as a Kickstarter stretch goal when the project was still in its infancy, this visual demake - known as the 64-Bit Tonic - has been a much-wanted feature for fans of the game. We saw glimpses of it last July, and then again in October, but it's finally here for real now." The update is free.

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eagle211451d ago

It's coming at a later date for PS4 and Xbox One as well.

UltraNova1450d ago (Edited 1450d ago )

I really really wanted/tried to like this game but something was off. It never clicked for me... Nostalgia can be a bad thing sometimes.

EmperorDalek1449d ago

It just made no improvements over Banjo. The controls weren't fluid, which is dire for a platformer. Even the original Banjo had better level design. People wanted another good 3D platformer, since there's sadly been next to none on PS4/X1, but no one wanted a game that feels like it belonged on the N64.

EddieNX 1450d ago

Cool I've got yookalaylee but not really played it. This might make me get back into it.

LostInSpaceCamp1450d ago

Playtonic: LOOK NEW GRAMPHICS! (Uses level too dark to see)
Everyone: Shut the hell up and tell us when Hat in Time comes to the Switch.

1450d ago
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