Diablo: Immortal Announced as Diablo 4 - Coming Exclusively to Apple Arcade

Glitched Africa writes: "It turns out Blizzard Entertainment does know what gamers want after all, renaming Diablo: Immortal to Diablo 4, coming exclusively to Apple Arcade."

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VenomUK203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

How do you report a story? It's the 3rd of April and we have to read this April fools rubbish.

203d ago
Antnee534204d ago

Hahaha i bet this is either satire or aprilfools day gag, but damn the outlash from fans would be worse than what they did to fallout and anthem and the inital reveal of this game 10 times over

TheGamez100204d ago

Lol just april fools. Although I wouldnt be surprised if its ever true.

Smokehouse203d ago (Edited 203d ago )

Hahahaha.. you can’t make this shit up. Oh April first post, still... totally believable.

Casepb203d ago

You really think that's believable? There's no way in hell Activision would allow them to do that. They would lose out on billions.

Smokehouse203d ago

They revealed diablo immortals at quake con as the big game. It’s believable. You assume activision is being run by gamers, the billions in MTs is why immortal exists lol.

rainslacker203d ago don't all have an ipad or iphone?

Smokehouse203d ago

Exactly lol. I get the whole “devs can make whatever they want” shtick but who the hell asked for diablo mobile? It wasn’t anyone who actually plays diablo lol. You would think they would at least half ass try to meet their market.

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The story is too old to be commented.