SCUF Vantage Wireless Controller Review - PS4 - PlayStation Universe

From PSU: "What makes the SCUF Vantage controller really unique is that its joysticks, D-Pad, and Triggers have different types included. If you prefer a shorter joystick, the SCUF comes with one. If you like longer Triggers, the SCUF Vantage comes with those. They even provide concave and convex joystick tips. Hell, there’s even a flat-top D-Pad, turning it into an actual round pad. It still functions as expected, but hitting diagonals is so much easier with this customization. Fighters are wonderful with the SCUF controller because of it."

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Fist4achin900d ago

Thats an awesome controller, but that price kind of grabs where it hurts...

Neonridr900d ago

yeah, I have the Scuff Impact. Nice controller, but very pricey. Feels good in the hands though.

Fist4achin900d ago

Does it really make a noticeable difference in your gaming? Would you recommend it?

Neonridr900d ago

@Fist4achin - well it's very customizable. The paddles on the back can be remapped to one of the other buttons, so it's handy that you don't need to move your hands from their positions at all. In twitch shooters and things like that these can make the difference. If it's just for regular use, it's hard to say it's worth the money.

But they are fully customizable so you can pick the colors and sticks to make it your own.

Really comes down to how much you play I guess. I don't regret my purchase, and I have gotten plenty of use out of it.

PapaBop900d ago

@Fist4achin - It definitely helps in certain games like COD, having access on default control scheme to being able to go prone without taking your hands off the analogue sticks makes a difference.

UltraNova900d ago

This would make a huge difference in a game like Sekiro, I would definitely remap the Quick Item use button (Up on DS4 D-Pad) and the jump/evade buttons as well on the secondary Scuff triggers as well.

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hanko14900d ago

pretty cool xbox controller

Segata900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

Another exclusive Xbox lost huh?

hanko14899d ago

your jealous because sony cant design there own controller. by just sticking to the original. copying a xbox controller, yeah real smart

Segata899d ago (Edited 899d ago )

Riiiiiiiight. I have an XBO controller for PC. I have a PS4. I have a Switch. I have a 360. I have an Xbox. I own them all son except an XBO since it's exclusives are pretty lackluster. What I did want I play on PC. Also, you are pretty dumb. My avatar is of a Dreamcast controller. The controller MS copied when making Xbox. The controller and console they used on focus testing when making Xbox. The same controller they thought about including VMU's for Xbox but didn't for the cost. Oh, I learned this info with the book I own. Inside Xbox. Not to mention Nintendo did that analog placement before Xbox.

Razzer900d ago

its like DS4 and Xbox One Elite had a baby....

bluebenjamin900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

If it has a better battery it might be worth getting offset sticks in a Playstation nice foreal those who prefer that

Thundercat77900d ago

I don't like isometric controllers. Sony should make a DS4 Pro. That's it. Same amazing DS4 but with some pro features.

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