Is nothing sacred? - Sony to Begin Censoring PS1 Games

"Sony's recent censorship has been a hot-button issue for gamers lately and now, they're taking their stance retroactively. I recently sat down with Sony's policy advisor Scott J. Williams to discuss how this will be implemented and what games will be affected." - A.J. Maciejewski from Video Chums [parody]

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ziggurcat849d ago

April Fool's joke, obviously.

VideoChums849d ago

No, it's serious. We're serious. Seriously. Serious? Serious.

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BlahBlahWhatever848d ago

The issue with SONY & censorship btw is not funny, it's not for laughs, it's a very serious issue that is out of control currently & if gamers don't start acting soon it will only become worse, if any of you care to put a stop to censorship start doing something that will make SONY & any other company out there get that you find this unacceptable & you have no plans to support companies who don't respect devs & their work & suppress artistic expression, & aside from that they don't even respect the adult gamers who have any right to wanna experience a game for mature audience the way it was meant to be, SONY control what we can or can't see & treat adults like stupid little kids who have no right to decide for themselves, if you wanna keep support a company that treat you that way then you deserve what you get I guess.

crazyaejay848d ago

I know, right? I totally read your whole comment, too.

TiredandRetired848d ago

I actually laughed out loud at your comment, because I too stopped reading halfway through the second line!

Punctuation. Learn it! ;P

Relientk77848d ago

His name matches his comment

Blah blah whatever lol

TiredandRetired848d ago

*Note- my comment has nothing to do with an anti-Sony stance. No particular comment on the actual subject of this rambling. I do love my PS4 and all, but I just got a chuckle with how it was written. XD

FunAndGun848d ago

Frankly, if it is their platform, they can do what they like. Then the consumer has a right to use that platform or not.

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KyRo848d ago

It's a April fools thing but this whole Sony censoring crap is way over blown. Go and play Conan exiles and you have you have your man tool, jugs and fanny out. Play heavy rain or indigo prophecy and simulate sex. Chuck on a PSVR and watch porn...

porkChop848d ago

Listen. I don't like censorship. At least when it's not justified. I've been pretty critical of Sony's recent censorship practices. But it's April Fool's Day. People can make jokes about it if they choose to. Lighten up a bit, the world's already filled with too much negativity.

Dragonscale848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

They are only censoring questionable niche hentai and lewd games currently. About time tbh. Btw its an april fools trick lol.

Kiwi66848d ago

Then why censor a game like Spyro: reignited trilogy if they're just doing hentai and lewd games

Kiwi66848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

I'm not saying it was done by sony i'm just asking why was it censored for some reason as twilight harbor was censored as there are plenty of articles about it

Muzikguy848d ago

A comma doesn't replace a period. Just a little FYI. That entire comment says "blah blah whatever" though to me. We all know Sony allows devs freedom more than others out there

The_Sage848d ago

You realize it's an April fool's joke, right?

rainslacker848d ago

I'd rather do that in cases where they actually enforce the policy on a game, or general discussion about it.

Not in a poorly realized April fools joke which backfired, isn't funny, and only inflames the issue, and probably will have people who think its real

Mr Marvel848d ago (Edited 848d ago )

Wow, that whole passage was 1 single sentence?
At least you used a full stop at the end I guess.

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Cobra951847d ago

I like what you're saying, but the way you're saying it derails its intent. Let me help you:

"The issue with Sony and censorship is not funny. It's very serious, and out of control. If gamers don't start acting soon, it will only become worse. If any of you care to put a stop to it, start doing something that will make Sony, and any other company, know that you find this unacceptable, that you have no plans to support them if they don't respect devs and their work, and instead suppress their artistic expression.

"Aside from that, they don't even respect the adult gamers, who have the right to experience a mature game the way it was meant to be. Sony control what we can or can't see, and treat adults like stupid little kids who have no right to decide for themselves. If you want to keep supporting a company that treats you that way, then you deserve what you get, I guess."

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crazyaejay848d ago

"Scott J. Williams" nice initials. Haha! :D

Veneno848d ago

Just the lameness of the name is funny enough lolz.

chiefJohn117848d ago

Wtf has gotten into Sony lately?

VideoChums848d ago

It's out of control!!! AAAAAHHHH!!!!

ziggurcat848d ago


nothing. this is an April Fool's article...

chiefJohn117847d ago (Edited 847d ago )

No s*** ps1 isn't even relevant or able to update. You people are slow if you couldn't see the sarcasm. VideoChums got it.

Ricegum848d ago

Haha. Trust a Microsoft fanboy to use an April Fools joke to troll. Wow. Better luck next time then chiefJohn.

chiefJohn117847d ago (Edited 847d ago )

Lol sarcasm isn't your strong suit. Not a MS fan btw. maybe your haterade blinded you for seeing the obvious

trooper_848d ago

Woooow, you thought the article was real?

chiefJohn117847d ago (Edited 847d ago )

hell ya. I thought sony did an update to ps1s.....a 3 gen old console without online (Do I need to add /s or is it obvious enough?)

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