New Final Fantasy XIII Screenshots

The-MagicBox: "Here are some new images of Square Enix's Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 and Xbox 360."

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aiphanes4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

And these are PS3 pictures...since the xbox 360 version has not even started porting yet. But it is gonna look good no matter what. Does anybody know if Square is gonna dumb down the game to fit one DVD9 or will it be multiple discs? Multiple discs will not matter now since you can install the full game on the Xbox 360 harddrive...but that would take some time on a 5 disc game.

HardcoreGamer4031d ago

after a poor ff12 this better be good. it doesnt reallly matter after more than 10 + spot on perfect ff;s i dont mind if one went bad.

im looking forward to this

AAACE54031d ago

Does everyone think that just because the Ps3 has bluray dics, any game being ported from Ps3 to 360 will have to go through alot of hoops?

Last gen, we had some great games that used the DVD format. Ironically, an extremely small amount actually came close to filling up a disc.

Blu-ray can hold 50 Gb's of data, but guess what... only a couple games actually come close to filling up a disc(MGS 4 being one).

Sony wanted to use the Blu-ray format so that developers wouldn't have to worry about running out of space... which is great! But what if the developer never intended on making a game that big?

I felt kind of cheated last gen when I found out that most of the games I bought only used 1/3rd to 1/2 and in some cases... 1/8th of the disc space.

What if SE is only planning on using something like 22 Gb's of disc space? With their new direction for the FF franchise, it is basically an action game with RPG elements.

Alot of people may be using Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey as a sign of what's to come. But keep in mind that those games were kind of rushed! Which could explain the excessive amount of disc. I think BD could have fit on 1 disc and LO could have fit on 2 disc.

SE has created FFXIII on a multiplatform engine, and has been working on the game for years, so I don't think the 360 version will be as chopped up as some would believe!

I was shocked at how DMC 4 looked great on 360 and didn't have to use multiple disc. So I assume the same kind of quality can be achieved making a FF game for 360 while only using about 3 disc. The Ps3 version will likely be superior, but the 360 version will not be far behind.

GiantEnemyLobster4032d ago

No longer a PS3 exclusive :)

Square Enix decided that the game was finally good enough to come to the Superior Xbox 360 console. No install or patches required!

GiantEnemyLobster4032d ago

Jeez, the Xbox 360 is CLEARLY the superior console for this game! The difference between the 360 and Ps3 for this one is like the difference between night and day, 360 reigns supreme as usual.

GiantEnemyLobster4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I have received word that FFXIII will have a mandatory 10GB install for the PS3, and PStards will be prompted with another 2GB day-one patch.

And the Xbox 360 version will get exclusive downloadable content.

Hmm.. And yet still those silly little PSdroids think they are getting the superior version? LOL, i say!

Galvanise4032d ago

Are such a loser. Its not even running on the 360 yet.

You'll be getting the game on 3,4 or 5 DVDs with lower quality sound. There won't be any DLC.

LarVanian4032d ago

Just wondering but do you stay up all night thinking up this crap?

Wait sorry you can't reply, you have no bubbles left lol.

truehunter4032d ago

Lobster ur rite Xbox 360 is Superior... no wonder why it needed 5 new chip and redesign Motherboard. Cant wait for the 6th new chip Valhalla. So mucH love for tha 360 and the XBL user base is only 14 million ?? man thats just great i hope 360 win this gen cuz 3rd party are getting hot. Shoot i wish they start taking off there clothing just for that. Now the best part is The Arcade getting alot of support no wonder the pro n elite have HDD. having 7.95 GB of data to work on man who cant best that rite ?? shoot not even blu-ray can stand the all mitey DVD-DL. Wait not only that but the Wii also use DVD-DL o man that mean 360 an the Wii are nearly tha same lvl. O man this is the greatest for 360.

NBA09TheInsideFlop4031d ago

its a shame this game could be so much more if they would just drop the ps3.

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Skyreno4032d ago

He dumbass -- GiantEnemyLobster--- you think xbox360 will be better saying dlc and all that crap you say lol ...look PS3 is superior, better so get used to it :)

360 man4032d ago

those graphics are nutz

XXXCouture4031d ago

yesh, too bad your 360 copy wont like so nice

die_fiend4020d ago

Sure...just like all the other multiplatform games yeah? Gears 2 has the best graphics on a console so far, soon to be beaten by Killzone 2. The 360 versions of games are so often superior even if they're not the lead...Either way, you PS3 lovers can dream that the 360 version will be inferior, but pretty much all games, it'll probably end up better on 360

ZmokeR4031d ago

Those GFX is F**** AWESOME!
It looks like a good damn CGI Movie!
And is that from the ps3 version?
White Knight story + Final Fantasy + Final Fantasy Versuz + Lineage 3 (for pc tho) = I am in HEAVEN! And i wont get out from there!

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