Week recap: PS3 sales; Xbox 360 Japan; Wii profit

Punch Jump Week Recap. Stories include:

Sony this week said sales for the PS3 increased 86 percent in year-over-year tallies. Overall quarterly profit fell 72 percent.

Target Corp. this week discounted select PS3 titles to $7.49. Titles included Genji: Days of the Blade and NBA 07.

Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 beat the PS3 for the seventh straight week in Japan. The 360 ranked No. 4 in overall sales.

Retailers this week began taking orders for the Xbox 360 60GB Live Starter Pack. The SKU will allow 360 Arcade owners to add a hard drive for $99.99.

Nintendo this week increased the Wii and DS shipment forecast on record gains in the fiscal first-half. The company recorded a 34 percent increase in profit between Apr. and Sept.

Nintendo this week said that it is producing 2.4 million Wii units a month to satisfy demand. The production rate is 33 percent higher than one year prior.

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tocrazed4you4029d ago

That in november ps3 will retake the lead in Japan and out sell the xbox 360 by more than just a few thousands like the xbox 360 is doing to the ps3 right now. Than in december when WKC comes out its game over

GiantEnemyLobster4029d ago

You can now defeat giant enemy crabs by hitting their weak spot for massive damage for only $7.49! Great news for the poor PStards who are still broke after spending five hundred and ninety nine US dollars on the PatchStation 3.

NBA09TheInsideFlop4029d ago

its kinda sad that your PS3 fortune tellers have been trying to predict the future for the last 2 years and have been wrong.

truehunter4029d ago

GiantEnemyLobster buy 2 used xbox/ and 360 games an get one free. Only on xbox. Infinite Undiscovery Price drop its on sale. It just came out 2 month ago well worth the price.

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FBl4029d ago

Ps3 is on the right path to dominating the electronics industry much like the Ps2 did

Zerodin4029d ago

Has to conquer the Wii first.

Harri44444029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

since the wii is not a real console it is not eligible to win the console war. therefor ps3 does not have to beat it.

Pebz4029d ago

Saying that the wii is not a real console, just so it doesn't count as competition, is like increasing the number for what counts as overweight, in order to fix an overweight epidemic.

Which ever corporation makes most profit wins, seeing as the main purpose of a corporation is to make money. The fanboys will however never win anything, besides worse games if their "side" achieves monopoly, due to lack of competition.

Captain_Sony4029d ago

Yeah its on tack to be the PS2... If you live with your head up your arse... Also Harri sinc the Wii has a lot of the same games as 360 and PS3, since you can buy them in the same area of any store, it is a safe bet that the Wii is a real gaming console. Don't be an idiotic fanboy and make yourself look really stupid by trying to make claims that you know are complete BS.

Harri44444029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

to answer all of this hate mail... the wii targets the casual gamer and that is all they don't care about the hardcore. the only games that they come out with are like wii music, wii fit, wii sports, simple ways to suck money out of people. do any of these seem like real games to you guys. they don't to me. therefore my my standards the wii is not a console anymore.

NBA09TheInsideFlop4029d ago

with great games like me and socom what could go wrong!

jack who4029d ago

the wii is not a real console just lik the ps3 is a super computer.../lolz

Captain_Sony4028d ago

LOL what an idiotic fanboy you are Harri.. You name only 3 titles out of manym but you want to try to act like they are the only ones on the console. Like Zelda does not exist, Mario doesnt, SBB, NMH, etc.. I could keep going but it is not worth my time to try to convince a moron that they are indeed stupid. Anyone that agrees with you at all is just as much an idiotic fanboy as you are. Only Sony fanboys want to try to claim the Wii is not a console. You talk about casual focus but its the PS2's casual focus that got you into the PS3 to begin with, but now like any good moron you forget or just dont have the ability to comprehend that your precious PS3 is a follow up to a very casual friendly console. Now you wouldnt say the SP2 isnt a console even though it had an extrmely heavy casual focus.

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Harri44444029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

looks like sony is catching up to the 360 again (might just be LPB but with all of the other good games coming i would predict this trend to continue)

truehunter4029d ago

are u kidding me ?? when PSone was release on tha 5th gen so as FM Towns Marty • 3DO • Amiga CD32 • Atari Jaguar • Sega Saturn • NEC PC-FX • Nintendo 64 • Apple Bandai Pippin • Casio Loopy • Bandai Playdia.
Are u telling me all of them arnt 5th gen ??? This is a basic term when some still use ROM cartridge.

If it sales games and release on that gen its the next gen. Its simple as that.

buy a ps34029d ago

you my friend have been reported as off topic

NBA09TheInsideFlop4029d ago

and youve been reported as an idiot 3.1

Captain_Sony4028d ago

Typcial Sony fan. Cant even comprehend whats going on but wants to report someone for saying something negative about his beloved console in the proper area.

ultimolu4029d ago

Sony needs to get back on track in Japan and do some major ass-kicking.

kazan4029d ago

i dont really think japan is a big problem for them more than a 1mill lead..all they need to do is drop one jrpg and thats will do. It NA where they need to focus on.

ambientFLIER4029d ago

I agree with the opposite, Juuken!

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