The Last of Us Part II Weapon Upgrade UI Spotted In Naughty Dog Promo

You can catch a glimpse of The Last of Us Part II weapon upgrade system, spotted in the background of a promotional video celebrating women.

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TheKingKratos743d ago (Edited 743d ago )

*looking at the photo*

It's pretty awesome that Ellie is developing her own game

UniqueGuy91742d ago

We are now turning reddit posts into a news?

742d ago
Segata742d ago

Yup, that is a UI to about every modern game these days. I miss when UI's used to be exciting. Some still do but most go for a very stale and dull look. Like a phone UI. I just really like it when a UI is functional but also themed with the game.

Teflon02742d ago

Look at gravity rush 2's or Persona 5's. They got great ones

Segata741d ago

Yup. I said some still do but most opt in for something dull

rainslacker741d ago

So long as I don't have to go through multiple menus to get to something, and especially if I don't have to back out of them through multiple screens, then I don't really care how it looks. Having it functional and intuitive is more important to me.

DrumBeat741d ago

Agreed. Functionality over aesthetic. Few things are worse than a bad UI and menu setup. Menu bloat is almost a deal breaker.

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