Sea of Thieves - A Year In Numbers

The first year was a wild ride for Rare’s pirate adventure, Sea of Thieves. In celebration, they’ve shared some engagement data for the first 12 months, including kilometres sailed and chests turned in – and it’s quite a lot.

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yarbie1000932d ago

Wake me up when they release actual sales numbers or current player counts

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BLow932d ago

While not actual numbers, it's currently #29 on most played Xbox games. Take this how you will. Always interesting to see what people are playing especially the games that get shit on on this site. They are usually the ones getting playing the most. Notice I said usually and not always....

Livingthedream932d ago

I revisit it every now and then, same for state of decay, forza horizon. But theres other games to play. I wonder how many people continue to revisit single player games. Imo replay value matters and SOT has that going for it.


One of the most fun games I've played

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Stuee1982932d ago

Also one of my all time favourites, so much fun


I'm not pro xbox I play on PC and pes. Has any of you actually played it?

Razzer932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

"The data, seen in the below infographic, contains interesting stats. In particular:

2.3 million islands visited per day (844 million visited total)
1.8 billion kilometres sailed
746 million items traded in
Over 100 million cosmetics purchased
Players have been killed an average of 11 times by opposing crews
642 billion gold earned"

Why would these "stats" be "interesting" to anyone?

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aconnellan932d ago

I work in marketing, engagement data is my jam.

Plus how is it not interesting that there are 63 islands in sea of Thieves and yet they’re visited 2.3 million times per day? Or the fact that 746 million items traded are broken down by Trading Company so you can see which type people prefer?

They may not be sales or population figures, but they’re interesting to know nonetheless

Razzer932d ago

lol.....if you guys want to pretend like this is fascinating shit....sigh.....sure.....why not?

chiefJohn117932d ago

Shows engagement and how often Razzer. People say it's boring or nothing to do. Stats shows what's happening and how often.

aconnellan932d ago

Re your second comment

“lol.....if you guys want to pretend like this is fascinating shit....sigh.....sure.....why not?”

If you want to pretend like everybody should share your opinion... sigh... sure... why not?

Razzer932d ago (Edited 932d ago )

It is not that everybody should share my opinion on this. I think most everybody does. Hell......look at the discussion on this article. The debate is about the relevance. No one is talking about how "interesting" these numbers are. You know why? Because they are NOT interesting.

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Relientk77932d ago

Ok so what about sales numbers

Razzer932d ago

You are asking for numbers that actually have meaning to people? Silly you.