Borderlands 3 release date will be announced very soon

The hype around Borderlands 3 is hard to ignore at this point, with all eyes now on April 3 following this week’s gameplay reveal.

porkChop1646d ago

Probably coming this year. I'm thinking maybe September, before the crowded holiday season. We'll see though.

Relientk771646d ago

Good, excited to play it later this year, I would expect.

MoshA1645d ago

Outer Worlds, Cyberpunk, Doom Eternal, Vampire 2, Rage 2, Wolfenstein. So many first person RPG/Shooters competing in late 2019/early 2020.

quent1645d ago

Bloodlines 2 is my HL3, I just hope and prey it can be good

irishyort1645d ago

They really need to release it before Rage2 or at least 1.5-2 months past it or it will struggle

May 2
June 20
are my picks for dates.

Hoping May 2

Ricegum1645d ago

Lol. Borderlands will struggle against Rage? I think you have that the wrong way around.

irishyort1644d ago

It may if the casuals don't buy BL because they have gotten their fix with Rage

1645d ago
shammgod1645d ago

Borderlands > Rage all day

irishyort1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Are we forgetting what happened to Battleborn released in the same window as Overwatch.

It's not that rage is going to be better, it's the fact that Rage being a similar style game will take sales away no matter how much you think it won't. Not from the fans of the Borderlands games but from the casuals that may be thinking of getting it. Dropping in sales, especially from the casuals will be a hit they cannot afford to take again, as was a disaster for their company with Battleborn getting killed off as fast as it did

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BuildTheWall1645d ago

I have no clue when Borderlands 3 will release , although if it is near completed state where it could release within the next few months , I'd like an October 20 2019 release , so that it releases on Borderlands 10th Anniversary. Damn , hard to believe that Borderlands is going to be 10 years old in October!!!

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Borderlands 3 coming to Switch

Borderlands 3: Ultimate Edition Switch has been revealed for Nintendo Switch and is already confirmed to release in October 2023.

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InUrFoxHole31d ago

Really like the series but each one seems more of the same to me. Needs a mix up. Tiny Tina was ok at 1st but overall meh.

gold_drake31d ago

you can only make a 1st person looter shooter so much different.

fans dont play it for the ganeplay but more for the story i would assume.

i know i did. and cause i liked the characters

InUrFoxHole31d ago

Idk but they're solid overall

FalcorMononoke31d ago

The first 3 games were great on the Switch so I'm sure this one will be good.

Profchaos31d ago

Hate to say it but this was a bad game I don't see the merit in porting it unlike the first 2


Borderlands 3 Has Now Shipped Over 18 Million Units Globally

Take-Two Interactive has revealed that Borderlands 3 surpassed 18 million sales worldwide, making it one of 2K's most successful title.

homeruz251d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Every time I played split screen with a friend it would crash... Regret...


Grand Theft Auto V Has Sold Over 185 Million Units; Red Dead Redemption 2 at Over 55 Million Units

Take-Two announced its financial results for the first quarter of the fiscal year alongside an update on sales for Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2.

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GaboonViper55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

And still cant provide a 60 FPS patch for RDR2 on PS5 and XSeX nor give us a proper RDR1 remaster just some shitty port, oh and still at 30 FPS........Jesus Christ, what the hell happened to Rockstar???

Relientk7755d ago

Remember the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition?

Just a little reminder: https://kotaku.com/gta-tril...

Tacoboto54d ago

Well, the problem is that Mario Kart 8 DX has sold over 55m; RDR2 has only shipped over 55m.

Obviously it's not successful enough being outsold by a port.

Ryuken198554d ago

You do know that shipment means that retails have paid for the game?
Publishers doesn't ship the game and then wait for the stores to sell it.
Doesn't work that way.
Both MK8 and RDR2 has the same amount of sales.

Tacoboto54d ago

... it's one of the best-selling games of all time. Clearly I'm sarcastic.

It could've been the least amount of effort to just double the framerate on RDR2 and call it a day.

neutralgamer199254d ago

RDR2 should get a next generation patch. Even if we have to pay for one as long as they do a proper job (since all R* care about is money)

As far as RDR y’all need to chill. If the option was we get a port or it can’t be played on PS4/5 i for one am just happy for something but not for $50 (will wait for price drop)