9 top tech flops

Whether victims of excessive hype or consumer stinginess, these would-be sizzlers are likely to fizzle this holiday season.

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aiphanes4035d ago

Since the players are now $179 to $199, even before black friday.

And these players are current Samsung 1500 and Sony S350 models.

badz1494035d ago

what the hell? what is their definition of flop? most of the things in there are still in the market and they already considered it as top 9 flops?? I thought there are a lot more obvious flops that can be considered and HD DVD came to mind. HD DVD made Toshiba lost over a billion in revenue after loosing to BD and surprisingly it's not in there and they put BD instead! BD won over HD DVD and is supported by all movie studios and it's a flop? what kind of logic is that?!

macbook air is a flop because it lies in 52nd place in Amazon. Amazon?? now amazon's chart is the place to define flops? and last time I checked most of PC and laptops being sold currently are vista pre-installed and eventhough vista is bugged with problems, it sells and sold quite well as what it is according to M$!

what a DUMB article!

Xelai4035d ago

Is not so difficult to read the article, it is about tech gadgets they believe to flop over Xmas, not 6 month ago flops, nor distant future flops, but this Xmas, come on it is not hard to understand.

ReTarDedFisHy4035d ago

They DO realize the Dark Knight is coming on Blu-ray this holiday, right?

ReBurn4035d ago

One title isn't enough. If one title was going to turn the tide and make people start adopting Blu-ray on a large scale I don't think that Dark Knight would be it. It was a good enough movie, but as long as the quality of standard DVD transfers remains as good as it has been the industry is going to continue to have problems finding HD adoption traction. It was pretty tough to see a visual difference between the Iron Man DVD and Blu-Ray on the PS3 from a few feet away from my 46" 1080p screen.

PotNoodle4035d ago

With the blu-ray adoption rate being 400% higher than what DVD was at the same point in its life, then id say it isn't flop.

IzKyD13314035d ago

Yeah, people have to stop assuming that just because Blu-Ray and DVD sales aren't 50/50 makes blu-ray a flop.....when you compare it to the same time DVD was released, it's a success

lelo4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Actually, i would say more the PS3. Sony looses money with every console sale (costs more to manufacture it then selling it). I would say it's a tech flop, but, what the hell, believe what you want to believe.

As for Spore videogame... in 3 weeks it sold 2 million (announced by EA), i would not call it a flop.

narked4035d ago

same thing happened to the ps2, they said it was a flop cause of loss on every console. see where it is now and then judge :)

PirateThom4035d ago

I have suspected the PS3 has been breaking even or making profit for a while now. The biggest cost was the Cell processor and Blu-ray diodes and both took a nose dive in price, but a lot of the inards are fairly standard and inexpensive items and they've removed some things to reduce cost.

With Sony saying they want to make money on the PS3 which is why there's been no price drop, I'd be very surprised if it wasn't making money now. They're a hardware manufacturer, they know how to reduce costs quickly.

ReTarDedFisHy4035d ago

Exactly, the PS3 is the split image of the PS2 IMO. Slow start, media attacking it with "no games", loss of profit, loss on every console sold, etc. It took a couple years for the PS2 to really get rolling, I can imagine the same for the PS3. It's only a matter of time before the majority of consumers move on to "HD".

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Rob0g0rilla4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

It comes with an adapter, if I'm not mistaken, to hook up your headphones to. Once the T-Mobile exclusivity is over and this device gets released on other providers, I'm sure it'll have the improvements needed to take on the iPhone. It already beats it in some areas and some of the problems will be fixed via firmware update.

Electricear4034d ago (Edited 4034d ago )

Android is an operating system for phones, not a specific phone it self. This is just the first of the android phones. My next phone will be an Android, but probably not this particular unit. A guy I work with has an iphone, and it's kind of cool, but there are way to many negatives for me like no replaceable battery. I'm on my third cell I've owned, and given time every one has eventually needed a new battery. Sure you could probably send it to apple or take it to an apple store, but that's a real pain, and you're out a phone till it's fixed. Now as I feel the phones with expandable OS's and a good user interface are the way of the future, it's no surprise how well the iphone is doing. I think the android is likely to offer the same level of performance in the long run, but there is no where near as much hype around these phones as there was around the iphone.

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