GT Sport Website Accidentally Reveals Porsche 962, Trueno AE86 and More

We haven’t even had time to install GT Sport‘s latest content update, but already there’s news about more — albeit unintentionally. It’s all down to the game’s official website.

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IRetrouk806d ago (Edited 806d ago )

Whens it stop?😂 as much as I love sport I want a gt 7 now please.

purple101806d ago

Interview with developer lastg week... He said its non going to stop.. Sorry to dissapoint you.

I think its fantastic as well. I used to think Gran Turismo was slightly boring when I had it on PS3 because you started off with a really slow car but in this one it lets you start off with some very fast cars to begin with. And all kinds or race cars including F1 CARS

IRetrouk806d ago

I do agree it's a great version of gt with a different approach, but I would now like a more traditional go, he can keep sport going for the competitive players.

Movefasta1993806d ago

I agree with you, I want a single player focused gt7. I have 0 interest in playing racing games online.

Gardenia805d ago

GT7 will not be on PS4 obviously

IRetrouk805d ago

I don't mind what console it comes to, as long as its 7 this time, I dont mind the sport version but to get the most out of it you really need to be racing in the leagues and tournaments, if I have to wait for ps5 so be it lol.

Yi-Long806d ago

Nice to finally see the Trueno, a classic Japanese car for those who ever watched anime or read manga (Initial D, obviously), and one could only hope GT would also some day introduce a huge Japanese mountain road track, like the excellent Fujimi Kaido (Forza), where you can just have fun cruising and drifting through a gorgeous environment.