TrustedReviews Review: Quantum of Solace: The Video Game

TrustedReviews writes: "Let's kick off with a big, bold statement: Quantum of Solace is the best Bond video game since Goldeneye.

Unfortunately, we have to follow that statement with a fairly whacking 'however'. Saying that Quantum of Solace is the best Bond video game since Goldeneye is a bit like suggesting that the new Snow Patrol album is the band's best yet. Given the often miserable quality of the preceding material, it doesn't actually mean that it's necessarily all that good."

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thor4029d ago

No there have been some good bond games since goldeneye. Nightfire was pretty fun and Everything or Nothing was alright as well.

Furthermore, if you went back and played goldeneye now followed by nightfire you would see that nightfire is better. It might not be as high in the standards of video games released at that time, but it's better due to the format. Call me a graphics whore all you want but I think that a game made on a PS2 has a significant advantage over one made on an N64.

I think it is nostalgia that makes us remember these games so fondly. Yes they were fantastic games in their time, yes they are still good now, but they don't really hold up to more modern games.