Valve Teases 'Index' VR Headset For May - UploadVR

Valve is teasing its VR headset for May.

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Doge811d ago

Neat, but don't keep the knuckles controllers exclusively for the Index.

demonicale810d ago

Why?, They made them so why shouldn't they?

porkChop810d ago

Defeats the whole purpose of what they were doing with Steam VR if they start blocking stuff off now.

FlyingFoxy811d ago

So new Valve games are coming soon, but it looks as if they'll all be VR exclusive.. Not sure what to think.

Marcello811d ago

Will it come bundled with Half Life 3 ?

DaDrunkenJester810d ago

I'd at least take a half life 1&2 VR remaster

porkChop810d ago

I don't really have much faith in Valve these days, so I wouldn't be surprised if VR remasters were what they were working on.

Finch810d ago

I will be watching this one closely

Dom_Estos810d ago

Er, no!

How about every VR title that's on Steam. There's quite a few, you know.

810d ago
Dom_Estos810d ago

Ah, HL3?

Still a nope. It'll be a HL prequel.