Sony And Microsoft Can’t Match Nintendo Directs

This week saw Sony and Microsoft both getting in on the video news show format. Sony had its first PlayStation “State of Play” video, focused on PSVR titles. And Xbox put out the first episode of its “[email protected] Game Pass,” a mouthful of a name for a presentation that included both announcements and developer interviews. Neither of them were as good as a Nintendo Direct.

EddieNX 1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Presumably they'll have better efforts in the future , but the last direct was very very good, Like a mini E3. So until they match or exceed that, Nintendo direct is best.

Jin_Sakai1532d ago

Nintendo know how to do shows. They usually announce something great or at least a surprise which gets people excited.

EddieNX 1532d ago


Dat Astral Chain trailer...

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bouzebbal1532d ago

Lol not much is needed before all them fanboys show up... None of Ms or Sony said they were gonna make a Nintendo direct or similar.. It's you fanboys who came with this dumb conclusion, not them...

King_Noctis1532d ago

“None of Ms or Sony said they were gonna make a Nintendo direct or similar.”

You are delusional if you think Sony’s State of Play and Xbox’s [email protected] Pass show aren’t model after Nintendo’s Direct.

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Godmars2901532d ago

Until they have an actual major announcement you mean.

Zeref1532d ago

I think people are overrating directs. There are plenty of bad directs. But I guess the good ones stick to people.

indysurfn1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

? I would agree if you said that the other way around. There are a FEW soso directs. Nintendo needs directs because it would be stupid to announce all those games in just three major shows. Because only a few would get attention.

Could you imagine arms, going up against spatoon...zelda...mario Odyssey .maro cart...a million jrpgs.yooshi....supersmash...e tc etc etc.

eagle211532d ago

I guess Nintendo made it LOOK

AspiringProGenji1532d ago

We’ll see how borh can improve it. The first Nintendo directs were a bore and it took them time to make it interesting too

porkChop1532d ago

Yeah, both can vastly improve their shows. They'll be fine.

CrimsonPheonix1531d ago

Some of you are effing stupid. Its just a video that shows upcoming stuff. It doesn't matter how long Nintendo's been doing it. Its just a video anyone can do it. how satisfied people get just depends on what Sony has to show.

Juusterey1532d ago

So your saying that if they can't natch on their first attempt they can't match?
That's pretty stupid

NovusTerminus1532d ago

Nintendo has had some pretty bad ones as well, and is MS and Sony's first one, give it some time.

1532d ago
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