"NXE torn apart - detailed load time difference"

"Rich over at Digital Foundry sent word that he's given New Xbox Experience the proverbial seeing to, posting seven HD movies on various aspects of the new 360 UI and a ton of detailed loading time stats to show where you're going to benefit most from installing games to the hard drive." - Videogaming247

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NBA09TheInsideFlop4032d ago

your late rich this has alredy been beat to death and needs no more.

DJ4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

I had the window minimized for a moment, and immediately I just remembered what the Wii sounds like when you turn it on and utilize the menus.

One has to wonder if the tone of the NXE truly caters to the audience that is interested in Xbox 360. With franchises like Halo and Gears of War constituting the majority of sales on that platform, do the Mii-HD Avatars properly represent their userbase?

I love the new Menu design, but there's still some things that are off.

ElementX4032d ago

Those avatars are A LOT better than Miis! I like the level of customization. Miis are generic with stupid Japanese anime-looking expressions and facial features. These actually look pretty cool.

iggypop1234032d ago

that's cause the mii's were available from launch while M$ had a long time to analyze what Nintendo did and use the good qualities and add stuff they thought was good. mii +M$= avatars

truehunter4032d ago

thats funny. U blame japanese anime from MS avatar......... Nintendo been doing tha same style sence so why bring this up. MS learn this an rebuild it on a new layout its simple as that. They do it to make American ppl likes. Just like Nintendo what japanese likes. Ur one person who has no brainer to think of other country. Kinda sad or is it just hatred ??

ElementX4032d ago

I'm talking about the facial features you can choose for Miis. I don't hate Japanese people. That's just a stupid thing to say.

Theoneneo814032d ago

This will fail and burn like Vista

NBA09TheInsideFlop4032d ago

you are saying a mandatory fw update will fail? your thinking of ps3 fw updates that need updates because of the updates.

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