'Sekiro: Shadows Dies Twice' Needs To Respect Its Players And Add An Easy Mode

"People say that From Software respects its players by not adding an easy mode, but I think it's just the opposite. Respecting the player would mean adding an easy mode to 'Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice'." Forbes says.

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Nitrowolf278d ago (Edited 78d ago )


Of course it’s forbes

If I can beat the game, than anyone else should be able to. It’s part of the game, fromsoftware is respecting its player base by giving them the challenge they want

They give you the tools to make it easier like different tools to stun bosses

You want an easy mode, go use trainers on pc or cheat devices on console

Why is Forbes always writing the most garbage things

LordoftheCritics78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

''If I can beat the game, than anyone else should be able to.''

That's what all billionaires think I guess. If I can be one so can anyone else.

But yes, it doesn't necessarily need to have reduced difficulty but it should be advertised as a very difficult game so buyers don't go in excepting to match most other games. Most games that exist today have a certain difficulty average. These death simulators have their own difficulty setting going on. Also the controls and camera are quite poor compared to most games out there.

I remember buying Dark Souls based on a review. Sold it to a friend after a few hours. It wasn't my cup of tea. I wasn't angry at the game, I was angry that it wasn't marketed that way but rather marketed as if its a dark version of some kind of action rpg that we are used to.

LegoIsAwesome78d ago

"Controls and camera are quite poor" Ok you lost me there mate. Are we really playing the same game??

Agree with jjb. Git Gud mate. You need it with FromSoft games. The reward after killing those hard enemies sure feels good. So git gud. Try to get better. Not get better on ranting how hard a game is lol. It makes you pathetic.

ArchangelMike78d ago

The camera defiantely needs attention. I found that lone shinobi warrior mini-boss behind Ashina Castle in that small underground corridor. Between his jumping spin kicks, my jump and dodge steps and the game's camera - the whole sequence just becomes practically unplayable.

Nitrowolf278d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Big difference I suck at the game but learned to be patient with it. Usually the first boss takes me several hours, but there’s nothing better than the feeling of satisfaction after beating them. Plus they usually give you the tools to make it easier. I remember reading people dying to the butterfly lady, found a skill that made her easy enough to dodge, as with the enemies with spears.

Buying dark souls based off a review? I’d like to see that review that gave you the impression it wasn’t hard. Understandable that it wasn’t ur type of game, but it’s odd to read that it mislead u like that

Ur right the camera needs work

opc78d ago

You're comments convinced me to not buy this game. I just can't be bother getting good at games. I'd rather practice a skill. Spending hours on the same bosses is lame.

Look at all of the comments here talking about a "sense of pride and accomplishment" after beating a tough enemy.

Omnisonne78d ago

Different strokes for different folks as they say.
Also don't buy games without doing some basic research on it, it's a purchase after all. I've learned the hard way too, turns out I absolutely despise racing games.

himdeel78d ago

LMAO get the fuck out of here. If you're unable to gitbetr too bad. This game just isn't for you, STFU LOL!

jznrpg78d ago

@OPC it wasn’t made for you most likely. I am learning a new language and work on other skills as well so I get what you are saying . There isn’t enough time in the day for everything (48hr days would be perfect for me and sleeping less) but I do find this game fun and satisfying . I don’t spend all day on it though as I have other things to do .

cyx78d ago

@LordoftheCritics How bout git gud or know what youre getting into? Its not from software's fault noobs and casuals don't do research or want to jump into a series blindly . if you're any bit of a gamer in the slightest you would already know about soulsbourne difficulty lol. Smh asking for easy modes in souls games now?

@opc lol wtf? You just contradicted yourself. So wait , you rather practice a skill .....but dont wanna git gud?!!....huh?!...nani?!

BlkMonk-EKing78d ago

Here is the thing it's a Fromsoftware game. So that means people should already know that the game is going to be hard. It not up to the developer to advertise the game as hard. That's 1 the job of the distributioner and 2 Its on the consumer to do the research to decide of this game is for them. Its your money so spend it wisely

salmonade78d ago

It wasn't my cup of tea? Meaning you suck

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen78d ago

Seikiro isn't that hard dude. Dark Souls and Bloodborne are much harder games.

DaDrunkenJester78d ago

Lol who ever your friend is that gave you the review obviously didnt tell you anything.

Also, the Souls games really arent even that hard. They just take practice and patients. You sold it only after a few hours so you obviously didnt give it enough time.

jetsnut_2877d ago

How would you “advertise” it as a very hard game? By nonchalantly stating that in trailers? Not sure there is a positive way to spin difficulty besides saying “satisfying challenge” or something along those lines, and even then, people still wouldn’t understand how difficult it is. People should be doing research on games before they spend their money on them in the first place, which I’m sure pretty much anyone who has made an article on the game in a review sense has stated that it is very difficult.

starchild77d ago

The controls and camera are great. Especially the controls. The camera occasionally gets into a bad perspective of the action but that's true of most similar games including Nioh and Devil May Cry 5 which I have played recently. Stop making excuses. If you aren't good enough or willing to put in the time to get good enough that's fine, but don't say things about the game that aren't true.

Jimneous77d ago

The tag line for Dark Souls is prepare to die, I feel like that's a pretty good indication of the difficulty.
I'm terrible at those kinds of games and I get frustrated by the camera and cheap deaths by the dodgy hit detection. Usually I go back and keep trying, thinking maybe this time I can do it and sure enough I manage to overcome it after letting my frustration cool off.

DVAcme77d ago

It's a From Software game, there's no need to advertise its difficulty cause that's their bread and butter. And the Soulsborne metaseries is well know enough that you'd know what you're getting into, no need to out a warning on the box.

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LegoIsAwesome78d ago

The game is really really hard. Harder than all the Souls/Borne game. But killing those mini boss and boss, after so much tries really does feels good. So nah I'm good with Sekiro's difficulty

LordoftheCritics78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

@Git Gud @LegolAwesome

It's not about getting good. I am good at the games I enjoy.

I just don't find any value in relation to time spent in the Souls based games, that's all. I hoped it would be something different with Sekiro, but nope no value for me there either.

I don't really enjoy dodgeroll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll hit or die - respawn run to boss and repeat.

zacfoldor78d ago

Have you played Sekiro? It's different. Not much rolling that I can tell, there is some necessary dashing though, and you aren't supposed to be doing that much, instead you block and parry.

LegoIsAwesome78d ago

Who said anything sbout Sekiro being a doge hit and run kind of thing? Didnt you tried parrying then deathblows? That way every combat in the game feels intense rather than dodge and hit and run and repeat lol

salmonade78d ago

You don't know what you're talking about. You are just crap

antz110478d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Lol youd get curb stomped in this game rolling constantly. You never played this.

Cris7tiano78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

LordoftheCritics? More like the LordoftheNoobs. "Waaaah! Why can't I beat the tutorial waaah!?"

shadowraiden78d ago

fact you only thought dodge roll roll roll etc shows you havnt played this game or many of the others where really that isnt the only way to play. Sekiro if anything is about being aggresive and deflecting hits the dodging is close to bad and will more then often actually kill you in Sekiro.

also dont find any value yet every RPG worth its salt has some difficulty where you will be running back to beat a boss

TheSaint77d ago

"I don't really enjoy dodgeroll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll roll hit or die - respawn run to boss and repeat."

That is NOT how you play Souls games, git gud.

notachance77d ago

dodge? roll?
you never played sekiro do you?

hell, you never even played souls game if that's what you think souls game is. Probably tried just a little bit and gave up on the first boss and think he knows all about souls game by looking at the memes and videos

Void00077d ago

Try an easier game. You sound like a candidate for solitaire.

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ravinash78d ago

Why does this argument always coming up each time a From Software game comes out.
After all the Souls games, we know they are hard.

You just need to adjust your game play... or you know....get good.

chris23578d ago

because the most garbage things yield the most clickrevenue.

frostypants78d ago

Forbes online is little more than a blogging platform with semi-screened contributors. Forbes didn't write anything. Some dummy that got approved on their network did.

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Christopher78d ago

Gamers need to respect the developers choice to put out a game they envision and not what every gamer wants out of it. Not every game is for every gamer. We don't force tactical RPGs to be turned into action RPGs, why would we force the main design element of a game here to be changed just because some gamers have trouble playing them?

Christopher78d ago

People should watch this video to understand the business behind Souls games.

LordoftheCritics78d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Oh completely.

I always saw them as Mobile games. Like the hundreds of diablo format clones on mobile or whatever, the souls have a very very basic and bland format to it. One size fits all concept.

The souls games are perfect for publishers as cost of entry is probably the lowest.

From the video:

1. Few cinematic
2. Almost no tutorial
3. One difficulty level (never have to balance the game much for any other difficulties, great for a single type of audience, bad for a large audience.)
4. Sparse music
5. Limited multiplayer
6. Not cutting edge engine

and so many other things that most AAA games have.
poor animations, mo cap etc not even required, very basic combat that provides the illusion of depth, a non existent narrative structure.

All of this is perfect for the targeted hardcore audience. Whats bad is the slow bleeding over into AAA games. I would rather not see those compromises in the games that I love.

Hungryalpaca78d ago


And had you actually played the game you’d know literally none of that is true aside from one difficulty.

There’s a tutorial you can activate and practice anytime you want and having one difficulty allows them to balance it better than just buffing or weakening enemies.

Keep crying. The game is selling extremely well. It’s clear you’ve never even touched a souls like game.

remixx11678d ago (Edited 78d ago )


Dude analysis of the series shows just how little you actually know (or rather lack of qualoty appreciation) about these games, the games very much have a tutorial, it's just different from what you've come (been brainwashed) to expect, the game puts in you in the thick of it while giving you tools and explanations to get out if the thick of it.

The musical scores in these games are stellar, it's just regulated to boss and mini boss fights. There's a reason why dark souls 3 comes with a separate soundtrack CD.

You talk about how the cost of entry is the lowest yet at the same time the target audience is the lowest as well (if people like this article are anything to go by) so it balances out, none of that Hollywood ass mocap, expensive voice actors, celebrities, and over abundance of cinematic cutscenes type bullshit, just you and your game but people like you have come to expect that kind of thing from AAA gaming despite it taking up development resources and forcing devs to seek additional avenues for monetization to make up for the funds they spent on all that fluff.

You claim that it's slowly bleeding into AAA gaming...but where?? As from I can see most AAA games are currently hooked up to the Battle Royale, lootbox and gaas IV and are practically handing their pitiful player bases feel good juice with things like increased aim assist on guns (destiny, Halo), incredibly disappointing amounts of challenge (kingdom hearts 3, ffxv) and so on. Most AAA devs aren't doing what from soft is doing and I would kill for the mentality of a little challenge to bleed back into gaming.

The game obviously isn't for you, just take that flag and move to whatever more casualized experiences out there you enjoy and let those of us who enjoy difficult games have fun with one if the few games out there that are willing to be challenging by default.

This game is made with the enjoyment of it's target audience in mind first and that's why we love it unlike most devs tryna nickel and dime you to death with rng and feel like a winner gameplay.

Cobra95177d ago

Yeah, I get that. "We're too elite for most people. That makes us and our players special." Exalts the few; turns away the many.

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Cobra95177d ago

Respect is not the issue. To me, it's rather the puzzling attitude of turning their backs on most people who like to experience gaming. The differences in dedication and skill level in that group are huge. Of course they can choose to cater only to the cream of the skilled players. But it would be so easy to add more tractable challenge levels, so that more of us can enjoy the worlds and experiences they have created. They can gate off certain achievements or features behind a difficulty wall, if they feel that the best players deserve more rewards than the mere mortals. They don't need to exclude so many of us. They don't need to leave so much money on the table.

I played my way through the first several generations of consoles, beating many an insanely difficult game. It's not a question of can I do it. I just don't want to anymore. Games don't need to expand their longevity by killing you around every bend anymore. There is plenty of memory and performance for truly epic experiences without that.

Christopher77d ago

***I just don't want to anymore. Games don't need to expand their longevity by killing you around every bend anymore.***

I think you're equating a game about skill to expanding longevity and that's an unfair and downplayed method of discussing the game.

Are these same criticisms aimed at the plethora of other skill based games or is it just a game world that you might be interested in but choosing to ignore the gameplay aspects to suit your own desires?

If I'm bad at multiplayer games do I demand that the companies make that easier for me?

Do we ignore the small size of the development studio and how much work it would take to add multiple balancing levels to the game, let alone shrug off the long desired outlook that their games are hard and unforgiving by making an option accessible to people who don't want to make the effort to learn to play the game?

With the number of games available today, asking one game to change to suit your desires is extremely selfish when there exist hundreds of other games to this one that would fit your desires. It's like me asking every game to utilize RPG character building and leveling aspects because that's what I like. So many games already do that, it's not needed in every game and not every game needs to be for me. It's why I stopped playing RDR2 and didn't write an article saying they should change the game to suit me when obviously the game was made for a plethora of other games who greatly enjoy what it is.

Let alone the type of game has been defined by the studio. It's not their fault others have copied them. It is their fault it's become so popular.

Not everything needs to be mainstream accessible. If it is, then things begin to lose identity and it becomes much harder to create these type of genres within the industry as every game becomes less of one thing just to appease a casual aspect.


These games are difficult metroidvanias. If you don't want to play a difficult metroidvania, you can move on. Walking 50 feet in these games is exciting because just getting to the next checkpoint feels like an accomplishment. They don't need to change anything.

Cacolaco77d ago (Edited 77d ago )

It's a shame that more companies don't have the same attitude as them.

I'm not saying that I enjoy games like Sekiro/Bloodborne/etc., because they're really not my cup of tea, but clearly many people enjoy them. It's the attitude that games should cater to most players that has watered down the gaming experience in so many titles. I see a lot of this in MMOs (where are the true EverQuest and Ultima Online successors?) and also in the Battlefield series, which tries more and more to cater to the CoD people and strays slightly further from its formula with each iteration. Heck, gameplay in the Final Fantasy series doesn't resemble its most revered entries at all anymore, because it's just too slow and boring for the action people (kudos to Square for sticking with it for the Dragon Quest series).

Catering to the largest group results in watered down, mediocre games, that all resemble each other and game studios need to stop doing it. I don't have to want to play every game, and that's the way it should be.

Chaosdreams78d ago

"I suck - please - give me a method to play (but not really play) this game - kk, thanks, sincerely Forbes."

rdgneoz378d ago

It's like they never played From Software game before...

Chaosdreams78d ago

From Software - We respect you. The challenge will be challenging. You'll die a lot, you might not even finish, but the journey of overcoming said challenge is the game itself.

Forbes - Why doesn't the game win for me? Such disrespect. Make it easy or behold my wrathful opinion, hur, de le dur.

zacfoldor78d ago

Yeah, I don't think they would really be playing the game, they would just be looking at the environments on an easier difficulty, like LFR in world of warcraft.

Don't have time to raid, just do LFR. LFR is not raiding. Easymode is not Sekiro. There is no LFR in Sekiro, so people should just learn to play or move on.

Omnisonne78d ago

I think it's telling of the modern times though. Arcade games decades back used to be hard as balls, death meant replay the entire thing, there was a thing called ''beating'' the game which was not at all guaranteed.

Now it's all about everyone, no matter the skill level, being able to finish a game without too much effort. Instant gratification, insta-win buttons in competitive games etc. FromSoft's titles are one of the last few that still offer that challenge of beating a game.

Ninjamonkey8278d ago (Edited 78d ago )

Back then we clocked game