Yahoo reviews LittleBigPlanet

What started out as a cute, simple, side-scrolling platform game from a small start-up studio has somehow snowballed into the game that Sony hopes will define the next stage of the PlayStation 3's life.

The aesthetics of LittleBigPlanet are astounding; the scanned-in charity shop wool textures, sock toy characters, pink Helvetica and deeply comforting Stephen Fry voice-over are so well-executed and contemporary cool that they make every other game look a bit like Dungeons and Dragons.

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Narutone664033d ago

for an awesome PS3 only game. A must-have game for every PS3 owner.

kazan4033d ago

agree %100 can't wait for this game 3more days here in the UK :)

Lanoire4033d ago

But day one purchase for sizzle.

Dark_Vendetta4033d ago

Is there actually a Ps3 LittleBigPlanet bundle? And do I really need a bigger HDD, or is the standard one enough? I'm thinking of finally buying me a Ps3.

Hershy9994033d ago

I know there's a Japanese bundle but I don't know if there's a US or UK one yet.

Lord_Ash4033d ago

You don't need a big hard drive for LittlieBigPlanet since you play all the levels on their servers but with the amount of full games available and coming in the store plus installs you may need a big hard disk, but the good thing is you can change it yourself for a cheap price.

Mainman4033d ago

It's not my type of game, but I did order this game. My nephew's who come over occasionally will love this.

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Baba19064033d ago

5 more day here in switzerland

Lanoire4033d ago

The true next gen game, aka gaming 2.0, has arrived.

Even Yahoo is a believer now.

DARKKNIGHT4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

yahoo, had a whole bunch of PS3 is DOOOMEDZ articles as well.

For that, i can give two flaming sh1tstains what yahoo says, i have the game and its an AMAZING TITLE.

PLAY BEYOND the limitations of crap hardware.

for those of you with a sony xbr5. turn on theater and motionflow to high.
feast your eyes on the PIXAR quality eyecandy brought to you by SONY.

PotNoodle4033d ago

If yahoo accepted microsofts bid to buy them out a few months ago, would this review still of been the same? :)

Zip4033d ago

man it sucks that this game never could blow me away :( I guess its hard to play with sackboys/girls when you are a fps guy

Baba19064033d ago

sure i guess its not for everyone but that is no game.i am the kind of erpson who can never play sport games. i just think htey are boring even if they are really really good.the good thing about lbp is that i can choose if i want to build something ir jsut jump into lvls and have some fun.

maybe u need to give it more time. but yeah its never gonna be a fps =D it can come close to a third person though =D.

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The story is too old to be commented.