Phil Harrison on how Google Stadia Can Deliver Better,Deeper Simulated Games Than Any Local Hardware

Phil Harrison explains how the cloud-based hardware of Google Stadia can help developers in delivering better, deeper simulated games.

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KaiPow1940d ago

I'd hope to see more developers use cloud computing. Crackdown 3's utilization is just the beginning of something greater.

ApocalypseShadow1940d ago

You sure? None of us noticed by looking at it. Could you explain? /S

naruga1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

Phil Harrison ...the curse itself of the video game world ( materialised into human) ....went with PS3 -->the console had a bad start, where with difficulty snapped out of it ...went with Xone , the console sank in sales immediately ....now he is with Google .....with idiotic plans of cloud gaming lol (i ill add that he had the same plans for Xone too)

Segata1940d ago

Phil Harrison is as good for a console launch as Vince Russo is at saving wrestling companies.

Gunstar751940d ago

Do you need an explanation as to how the earth isn't flat as well?

Cloud impacts all future tech.

codelyoko1940d ago

I wouldn't exactly call it that...But I do believe great developers can use it much better

rainslacker1939d ago

About the only thing to take away from cd3 is that it proved the concept can work. Just because cd3 had a lackluster implentation of asynchronous compute(which is the long standing term for the tech that's been around before ms even had a cloud service) doesn't mean the tech itself isn't viable. It's been used in MMOs for years without all the press hype surrounding it.

Showing that there is more that can be done with it, and providing the services and tools for devs to us it will be the most meaningful part to come of it this gen. Like I said long ago, it won't mean much for this gen. I expected more than we got but a lot of that was probably due to cd3 delays. I'm sure ms will hype it up again, and say how they got it working now for any dev that wants to use it. Not unlike how Google is saying that we can have all these huge battle royale games if someone just does the work.

THC CELL1940d ago (Edited 1940d ago )

What a donut

You realise people love owning physical media

darthv721940d ago

Does that same love apply to physical keys as well?

No Way1940d ago

*Some* people love owning physical media. *Some* don't.

Newmanator1940d ago

I think this was sarcasm? Lol

Gwiz1940d ago

They actually removed the cloud computing aspect from that game.
OMG stop being a parrot about " this is the future "

Dragonscale1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

Crackdown 3 is so bad its meme worthy and a terrible example lol. If thats the future then I'm out.

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Chris_Wray1940d ago

While it sounds great, it's a little too ambitious to say that. Yes, that will allow for something much larger than local hardware - but as will Amazon Web Services with New World - it's just the cost of developing and running such a title that could be prohibitive.

ccgr1940d ago

Curious on how millisecond response time games will play

Segata1940d ago

Well on stage there was a 1.5 second delay for AC Odyssey and 166MS delay on Doom and this was a controlled Google event with their highest speed internet. So the answer is. Not good.

CaptainObvious8781939d ago

1.5 secs in a controlled environment... I knew it was going to be bad, but not that bad.

And 1.66 ms for a fast paced shooter like doom?

Why are these idiot companies pushing this? Do they really think even filthy casuals will put up with that?

2pacalypsenow1940d ago

Stadia is still based on local hardware tho.

ElementX1940d ago

There are tons of great games that never get physical releases, not to mention the fact that physical on PC is basically dead. I guess you don't mind missing out on some amazing games, but to each their own.

Nyxus1940d ago

Most games get a physical release eventually. I can wait.

neomahi1940d ago

But they be immortal if they work. Google Ultra Violet shutting down, a prime example of why a digital future isn't in the best interest of consumers.

CaptainObvious8781939d ago

There's a very big difference between individual indie developers opting for digital only and an entire platform based around Fing you over at every opportunity.

ElementX1939d ago (Edited 1939d ago )

I am referring to indie games. Yes some do get physical releases but most don't. If you don't like indie games, that's fine but I enjoy a number of them. I don't know why I got so many disagrees. As for Google, their service will probably be like renting games except they stream. There hasn't been any word on purchasing games. I think Stadia will bomb, Google has a habit of dropping projects anyway.

rainslacker1939d ago

There are plenty of games to choose from with physical, so if we miss out on some, thems the breaks. I'll buy the occasional game digital, but it's either a game I really want to support, or it's really cheap. I can't possibly play every game I buy, much less all the games I want to play, so for me, I'm going to choose to buy the physical ones first, and can wait it out for digital ones....assuming I remember them after a while

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Veneno1940d ago

Interesting you say that. Everyone's fear of losing physical media should just be put to rest. Even Netflix shows like Castlevania are getting physical Blu Ray releases. Same thing will happen here too.

JackBNimble1940d ago

The bigger fear should be losing physical hardware