Hands-On: Streets of Rage 4 feels like the perfect modern retro sequel | GameCrate

The trio of Streets of Rage games released on the Sega Genesis are often regarded as some of the best in the whole genre, and the second may very well be the pinnacle of them all. Now, 25 years later, a brand new direct sequel from Guard Crush Games and DotEmu is poised to set the streets on fire once again.

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FlyingFoxy208d ago

Owned SoR2 and Final Fight CD.. No idea why Final Fight was so damn difficult though, quite a difference between the two.

meganick208d ago

Final Fight was originally an arcade game, and arcade games were made difficult so players would lose more and have to put in more money to keep playing.

NapalmSanctuary207d ago

I would love to see a a new Final Fight game that was designed and balanced for consoles.

NapalmSanctuary208d ago

But only 2 playable characters though? Correct me if I'm wrong, cause I've never played any of the game for more than a few mins, but Ive watched other people play them (I'm looking at you, Rich... buy a treadmill). It seemed like there were several playable characters, which was one of the more interesting aspects, from this spectator's point of view at least.

I'm still gonna buy it. I'm just wondering whats up with that.

ZeekQuattro208d ago

The art for the game shows at least two shadows above Axel and Blaze so I'm hoping they are the other playable characters.

SegaGamer208d ago

The devs confirmed that there are more characters to come, hopefully from the start and not in the form of DLC.

WhyHate208d ago

The return of the Final Fight killer!

SuperSonic91208d ago

Looks like things are going according to plan.
The King of Beat Em Ups returns.
I hope it can top SOR2 as the GOAT.

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