"Dante's Inferno" being developed by EA; movie studios already bidding for Hollywood rights

A article posted on Variety says the following:
Four studios are in a high-stakes bidding battle for rights to a new videogame from Electronic Arts that hasn't even been publicly announced yet.

Game, which is expected to launch late next year, involves a journey through the depths of hell. EA hasn't officially titled it yet, though sources said it's likely to be called "Dante's Inferno," as it's a modern interpretation of the epic poem. Publisher has reportedly cleared that title for usage.

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PirateThom4028d ago

The Divine Comedy is a fantastic, epic poem, I'm really hoping they pull it off because it's quite an interesting concept to translate to game and the form EA have been on, I am praying they can make a journey through hell memorable.

Bazookajoe_834027d ago

After the masterpiece called dead space i must say that EA grown a little on me. Just hope they can keep on dellivering...

baum4027d ago

But I doubt they'll be able to do anything against EA. =D