Britxbox: Fable 2 Review

Britxbox writes: "Making decisions is never easy. In reality, the consequences of your decision making may reach further than you expected. In the world of videogames, where obvious restrictions apply, there's a risk of morality being purely a black and white affair. One answer is invariably right, the other wrong. Early in Fable II you're asked to retrieve liquor for a drunk. Once obtained, you can earn your gold by either handing over the bottle, or giving the bottle to his concerned friend. Welcome to the grey area.

Four years ago Lionhead Studios released one of the most popular games to hit Xbox. The original Fable was met with positive critical buzz and went on to sell millions of copies. Set in the world of Albion, it promised adventure in a world that would react to the actions of the player and change accordingly. Ambition ultimately got the better of the developer, and many of the features promised were cut. The sequel doesn't bring many of these features back but, through thoughtful design, ends up being closer to the original vision."

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