Rumor: Next-Generation Consoles To Launch In 2020, Aiming Higher Than 10.7 Teraflops

Recently, an alleged picture of the next-generation PS5 controller was shared online, however, it has turned out to be a well-made fake.

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Jin_Sakai1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I heard that Sony is aiming for 11.6TF for PS5 which is fine by me.

I can only imagine what Naught Dog, Guerrilla Games, Sucker Punch, and Sony Santa Monica will pull off with such powerful hardware.

anonymousfan1647d ago

Aren't Stadia servers built with 11-12 tflops? I can't imagine google doing that well in the short-medium term if your living room console is just as powerful and can stream on your local network around the house without the need for a crazy internet...

Neonridr1647d ago

depends on the price of the console I guess.. no real hardware needed for google which is a huge plus to the casual market.

Christopher1646d ago

Google specified they were 10.7 TFlop macheens. Furthermore, what that server is able to process is not necessarily what you will see when streamed. Furthermore, we don't know the level of optimization that will go into those servers as game hosting macheens compared to what we have experienced with current console manufacturers who have maximized power pretty well over time and know what to do with them.

AnthonyDavis1646d ago

My gpu is 14 Teraflops. It’s gotta be atleast 14.

AnthonyDavis1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Google is targetting 60-70ms latencey for Doom on top of your local input lag. So stop talking like that’s not an issue.

nucky641646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

i'm with you, anonymousfan; but, i don't care how many flops there is as far as stadia is concerned - the way it was described at GDC, i don't see how games on that service will work without lag/latency.

darthv721646d ago

teraflops shmaraflops... when are we going to hear how many triangles and polygons per second these next gen beasts do?

Profchaos1646d ago

Stadia servers may be built with that but the point of the cloud it's that is infinitely expandable meaning that Google can use the money from subscribers to upgrade and cluster their kit resulting in an infinite generation.

Personally I feel more comfortable using hardware I can control but that's the future I guess

DeadlyFire1646d ago

Google is doing the bare minimum for next-generation so they can easily get developers to port games over without trouble. They didn't even want to tell you what kinda cpu they are using. Which is not AMD. So... usually that is a sign. Google is also using Vega. Multiple times sources have pointed at Navi for Sony and likely Microsoft as well. Navi is a newer model so expect better performance. Yes Sony and Microsoft are going big for next-generation. They will aim for a big gpu.

bouzebbal1646d ago

I don't care about the teraflop I'm no slave of numbers. All I want is great games.

Gaming1011646d ago

Also, Sony would do well to wait and see what Microsoft unveils and then try to exceed it. Don't throw in silly bells and whistles that just increase the price when most people don't want it.

Gaming1011646d ago

Plus that controller looks like a poor design from a high school student. It's ugly, and the handles have sharp angles which will irritate your hands.

indysurfn1645d ago

@Neonridr. The casual market does NOT WANT to have 2TB web service! It is expensive enough to get 10gb a month.

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King61646d ago

Jin-Sakai@ Don’t forget about Sony bend and new unannounced studio in San Diego.

airshiraz1646d ago

teraflops is important but handling ray tracing is so important too and next gen consoles must handle raytracing .even 12 teraflops 1080ti cant handle ray tracing

MrSec841646d ago

TFlops are about as irrelevant as GHz or MHz in hardware comparisons.
The architecture will be far more important than those things.
You could have a 2TFlop GPU with faster core architecture that will destroy a 12TFlop Card if the tech in each Stream Processor or Cuda Core is enough of an improvement in throughput.

Crytek already disproved the notion that RTX Tech is needed for Ray Tracing, with their Ray Tracing demo that was running on a Vega 56 card.
If a Vega 56 can run visuals with Ray Tracing, then a 1080ti can too.

1646d ago
DeadlyFire1646d ago

DXR is available for any game engine supporting Direct X12.......

Also there are Linux options for Ray tracing as well.

They can't handle full scale ray tracing like a whole world on it, but they can easily drop in subtle elements and build new tricks to make things look amazing along the way to full scale ray tracing

cd11645d ago


What does "selling 20 million copies" have to do with other people wanting to stick with PS because they simply enjoy Sony games? Some people just prefer console gaming over PC, their not wrong - they just like different things.

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Orionsangel1646d ago

That's ridiculous. That'll never happen. I mean I hope it does but seriously doubt it.

NarutoFox1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

Can't wait. 5 downvotes from that certain group

rainslacker1646d ago

12tf for a 2020 release is kind of low end for a console meant to last at least 5 years. Itd get by, but wouldn't leave much room with the way GPU's are advancing at the moment. Itd be equivalent to this gen GPU's being about the bare minimum to make the gen work. I think I'd prefer they try making it faster, or delaying it another year to maximize the power that can be used.

ABizzel11646d ago

Well they’re rumored to be going with AMD ehich stays on a GPU architecture for at least 3 years, so that’s more than enough time for a Pro console to be produced.

Also 12TF of performance (Vega 64) is still costly at around $300 for a new GPU, so that level of performance is expected.

And it also depends on the benefits from Navi’s architecture changes, where that 12TF could offer a solid 20% - 30% performance boost over a current Vega 12TF GPU.

rainslacker1646d ago

I'm personally not that keen on relying on the mid gens to get through the gen. It's an interesting experiment, and good enough for those who want a better experience, but generally speaking, the base console is going to be what games are made for.

You are right about costs, but we're talking about sourcing that will start in 2020, and by then, 14TF will be more manageable.

Some of it will depend on what custom work they do on the GPU's, as some things can be worked in which can achieve better results than the base TF rating may immediately suggest. Simple processes can do a lot, but may not be a focus in a more general purpose GPU that you see on PC card.

UltraNova1646d ago


Like I've been saying way back when the Ps4 Pro was announced, next gen specs will suffer because of these mid-cycle upgrades. Why go all in for next gen when you can cut costs, release a bare minimum spec wise for the time console that makes them money or breaks even from day one. 3 years later release the Pro version and so on....this way they transfer the cost of power to the user not them at the start of each gen. From now on every console release will be a slight refresh from the last, forget about huge generational leaps.

This is why I've made the decision to only go for the Pro versions going forward. From the looks of it, ps4/ps5 games will be forward/backwards compatible so in that end I'm covered.

froy4021646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

This gen started with under 2TF and look at what amazing games they were able to pull off, over 10TF will be fine.

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pcz1646d ago (Edited 1646d ago )

who's going to spend 300+ on hardware that quickly becomes obsolete with endless SKUs/revisions when Stadia will always be cutting edge?

lets face it, hardware is going to be retro real soon

Ceaser98573611646d ago

Sony and MS should aim for a better CPU aslo.. Current Gen for for both console CPU are weak.

Andrei_Sparrow1645d ago

I can only imagine how fast PS5 will become extremely loud, if it will turn up beign as powerful as rumoured. I would love to hear news how sony will deal with cooling system for PS5.

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XiNatsuDragnel1647d ago

11.6Tf imagine that