TeamXbox: Mirror's Edge Hands-On Preview

TeamXbox writes: "Electronic Arts opened the red door for TeamXbox to let us get a last peek at Mirror's Edge before it hits stores on November 11. We were able to get through the first two chapters (of the nine that makes up the main part of the game) and messed more with the Time Trial mode.

The main game is an interesting mix of stylish cutscenes-which features a technique much like 2-D comic book-like drawings-with the well-documented gameplay that I call "first-person parkour." As I was playing it for this write-up, I thought of some of the action in Crackdown, with lots of jumping, sailing through the air and otherwise traversing the terrain as best and as fast as you can. The big difference is that, in this game, you're seeing it all through the Faith's eyes as you guide her through the world."

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