DS Village: Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals Review

DS Village writes: "Given the continuous success and large fan base that the popular Pokémon franchise has achieved, it's no surprise that more and more game developers take a stab at a 'Poké-clone' from time to time. Last year, Disney published a Jupiter-developed DS title called Spectrobes. Fortunately, the team behind the title went a step further and managed to create a game that separated itself from the 'gotta catch 'em all' formula well enough. Spectrobes had a shaky start, but the game eventually found a group of enthusiastic fans and became one of the best 3rd party games for the system. And if Pokémon has thought us anything is that successful games lead to sequels. Not surprisingly, was recently released, slightly improving the original's mechanics and including plenty of new features for fans and newcomers alike."

+Simple but entertaining gameplay
+Great-looking environments
+Plenty of multiplayer features and Spectrobes to collect

-Very troublesome camera control
-Simple, easy, short quest

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