New PS3 low in Japan - How next-gen is failing in home of gaming

Another week goes by, and Sony sees the PS3, supposedly its flagship console, dropping even lower in terms of sales in Japan. While the Xbox 360 is doing surprisingly well in the country, both true next-gen consoles are massively behind lesser machines such as the Wii, the DS, and the PSP. So why is the spiritual home of gaming seemingly rejecting next-gen gaming?

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PotNoodle4031d ago

The home of gaming is stupid, maybe it wasn't at one point - but it sure is now.

omodis4204031d ago

I think it just has to do with a lack of games this generation. It seems like everyone is just churning out sequels.

PotNoodle4031d ago

Why the hell are they buying Wii's?

Hiruma Youchi4031d ago

Because of the Gimmick the Wii got. The DS is a good console however.

Genesis54031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

PS3 is at 2.4 million install in Japan. Xbox is at 800,000. WKC and FF XIII and the 80 gig will bring Sony's sale back up. MS has played most of their cards in the Asia now and they really didn't catch up at all. How is that surprisingly well?

gambare4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

the ps3 sales are falling but the PSP is gaining ground beyond the wii and ds? maybe it's the multi functionality of the PSP and the tons of JRPGs on it that makes it attractive for the Japanese market. The 360 is attractive because it got 3 JRPGs of interest there but nothing else to become a huge market.

Expect a Boom! of PS3 sales with FFXIII

ape0074031d ago

japan is turning into casual gaming heaven and nintendo is the reason

japan gamers only play gimmicky games or japanese rpg games

rpg is the only hardcore gener they play

god of war,uncharted,gears of war,resi,metorpid prime,ZELDA,every fps game and nearly everything else sells very poor in japan

hideo kojima must be shameful of them

2Negativecool4031d ago

Your post didn't make sense to me. I think what you meant to say was that Japan WAS the home of gaming at one point, but sure ISN'T now.

Lanoire4031d ago

Its not even an article. Its a blog, really. Just one fools opinion.

Oh and in case you were wondering, the blogger was talking about last weeks sales, something which was posted 3 times already on N4G.

"The latest weekly sales figures to come out of Japan, those for the week ending October 26th, show that the PSP is massively out in front, selling over 60,000 units in the space of a week."

Week ending October 26th, oh ok. AKA LAST WEEKS NEWS.
These damned fanboy bloggers are annoying as hell.

Have some faith poppy. LBP bundles will cause a spike.

SWORDF1SH4031d ago

everybody is over reacting. they dont care about the xbox in japan but the do care about the ps3. if the ps3 had the games the xbox has in japan then the ps3 would be sellin a minimum of 50k a week. sales well get higher when the ps3 release more rpgs. simple as. its not dead. far from it. jus need games. by the end of 2009 the ps3 sales will be hihgh and we will be wonderin why we doubted the ps3 and it wont be for the first time people have tried to put the ps3 down and it pulled through.

Sitdown4031d ago

You say "Calling japan The home of gaming is stupid, maybe it wasn't at one point - but it sure is now."

I am say that calling Japan the home of gaming is stupid....but then say "it sure is now". Are you saying that it is...or is not the home of gaming...and if you are saying it is, then why did you say calling it that is stupid? Then I am confused by the agrees you got.

Jecht4031d ago

We've sure got some illiterate people here. What DeathroW is saying is that there was once a time when calling Japan the Home of Gaming "WASN'T STUPID", but calling it the Home of Gaming now "SURE IS."

Reading comprehension skills can be taught through Hooked on Phonics.

Sitdown4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

I got tripped up on the syntax it makes me illiterate? I would think that it would prove the exact opposite, because appropriate structure would have better conveyed his point. But never the less, can you send me your Hooked on Phonics kit..unless you are still using it.

Mozilla894031d ago

I had to read that sentence a couple times to get it cause it confused me at first too lol. Anyways I think the launch of the new model is the reason why PS3 sales are low. I mean if I was buying a PS3 and I knew a new model was coming out in say 4 weeks, I'd wait a month and buy it then.

AAACE54031d ago

I remember reading an article last year saying that the japanese are moving toward smaller objects, and don't really like big bulky things anymore.

It was said that they almost don't use home desktop computers, but instead look more to laptops and cellphones. Seeing how the DS and PSP are portable gaming machines, I guess that will be the new trend for japan.

The Wii is smaller and has less tech than the Ps3 and 360, so could this be the japanese way of saying that they don't really care about high end gaming systems?

It would explain why the Wii, DS and PSP are getting alot of games! I believe this could be the beginning of a saturation in the industry.

I think hightech games will mainly come from the US and Euro, and low tech will mainly come from Japan. But we will see the main big companies from japan with their franchise releases, while other developers go with the low tech because they lack the resources to make high profile games for Ps3 and 360!

Jecht4030d ago

Illiterate is the appropriate term, if condescending. But I said it because more than just you didn't get it.

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peedie164031d ago


its not only that but its also the fact that sony has not released many games that the Japanese market likes they have been focused on the western market way to much.

ravinash4031d ago

True, which is odd considering the games the Japaneses like is what could really distinguish PS3 from the other consoles....even in the west.

freeblue4031d ago

that's the reason why.. give me one good japanese RPG. Sony cares too much about westerners that they forget what makes ps1 and ps2 sooo successful.

PS360PCROCKS4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

7 weeks in a row? haha wow that is really unexpected.

Side note:

"Maybe the trend of increasingly attractive graphics is coming to an end, with gamers rejecting small graphical improvements generation after generation in favor of new control methods (the Wii), or gaming on the go (the PSP and DS)? If this is happening now in Japan then how long until it spreads to other territories?"

Never ever. I swear if they stop making games more bad a** and start giving me only gimmicky controllers and stupid games where I have to act like a F****** monkey jumping around to play I am going to be so pissed! Believe me I know, I have a Wii, I play it VERY sparingly, I get sick of it and go back to the big boy games. No offense to Japanese people or Japan, but I could care less what you want and if we start getting lame games because YOU like lame games, ya well we won't be friends anymore.

InMyOpinion4031d ago

Sony are losing face. It's quite embarrassing really.

user8586214031d ago

haha dude ur embarrasing urself!! just wait till white night, final fantasy and team ico's games release then well see how long b4 this article gets taken down :)

GiantEnemyLobster4031d ago

Ps3 sucks at selling itself in Japan. End of discussion.

4031d ago
InMyOpinion4030d ago

No need for me to wait since I own a 360. Waiting is for PS3 owners.

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

That's FAILURE!!! ;-D