RESPAWN Gaming Recliner RSP-900 Review – Finally a Terrific PC Gaming Chair for Console Owners | COG

COGconnected: Earlier this month RESPAWN launched the RSP-900 Gaming Recliner and we were fortunate enough to get our hands on this gaming chair designed for console gamers.

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Jin_Sakai114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

No way am I paying $300 for a gaming chair. Got this Serta chair for $110 and it sits great.

NarutoFox114d ago

I mean it's cool if the gamer can afford it

PapaBop114d ago

Pretty much this. While everyone I personally know have enjoyed the gaming chair purchase, you're essentially paying a lot extra for the fact they are marketing it towards gamers. Kind of like gaming headsets, you can get a far better quality product at a similar price for things not specifically aimed at gamers.

Unspoken113d ago

^This. The price is not justifiable by the quality nor it's function. This is due to branding and target audience.

WeedyOne113d ago (Edited 113d ago )

It may seem pricey at 1st if you haven't really looked into office chairs that much but $300 isn't really that pricey for a quality office chair these days.

Hell the DXRacers everyone loves or the secret lab chairs that are gaining popularity are often far more expensive. Even other office chairs that are of high quality not targeted at gamer's can be between $300 and $1000 bucks or even more.

maybelovehate113d ago

Here I was thinking 300 dollars is cheap

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