7 Games Your Parents Don't Want You to Play

Your Parents Just Won't Understand...

why you want to play these seven games, despite gratuitous violence and bedroom antics that are found in R-rated movies and premium cable TV. We list their cause for concern (and ways you can talk them into letting you play anyway.

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ThePlaystationFour4032d ago

I would kill my parents if they banned me from playing them lol

ChickeyCantor4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Meaning you have issues xD

Arcturus4031d ago

or run away like that canadian kid.

my parents never cared at all, hell id play games like doom, Half-life, and soldier of fortune with my dad lots of times

demondoor4031d ago

most people have issues in one way or another... according to your local psychologist

gumgum994031d ago


like the thrill of headshots? ^_^

elorm94031d ago

I now have a perfect reason not to play Gears 2

Arcturus4031d ago

now you have a 99th reason to end your life

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The story is too old to be commented.