CD Projekt RED profits down 45% in 2018, R&D spikes by 70%

CD Projekt RED's profits are down 45% in 2018 as it massively ramps up R&D/game dev spending by 70%. In fact, CDPR spent 73% of its allocated R&D spend for 2018 on unfinished projects like Cyberpunk 2077 and its new unannounced AAA RPG, both of which should be out by 2021.

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Elwenil87d ago

Got to spend money to make money. Looking forward to seeing the new games in action.

anonymousfan87d ago

I'll be happy to partake in their investment as soon as we get a release date for Cyberpunk!!

Cavalier87d ago

no big deal. they'll recoup those costs and more.

--bienio--87d ago

Good. More stupid decision like only ”first person view ” and this trash company become another bioware.

MoshA87d ago

Thank God for only first person. Don't need another buggy ass 3rd person casual garbage and wasted money on animating everything twice. Hope they do more things to piss people like you off.

Gwiz87d ago

You really think that Bioware went downwards based on 1st/3rd person views?

arkard87d ago

If you can only enjoy games in first person I feel sorry for you.

Dizzy1152387d ago

I feel sorry for you feeling sorry for people who only enjoy games in first person view.

Myst-Vearn87d ago

Trash company? you should reserve such insults to the likes of EA and Activision..CD Projekt are as consumer friendly as it will ever get.

Gwiz87d ago

Especially these days.

pietro121287d ago

Because of the 1st view they're now the new Bioware.. That is the dumbest thing you could possibly say about CD Project Red. They're one of the best rpg devs this generation. Also the 1st person view doesn't make or break the game.

Scatpants87d ago

Yeah what a trash company making all those stupid utterly fantastic games.

King_Noctis87d ago

Yikes...some people on this site.

annoyedgamer87d ago

Bioware crashed because of EA.

Wrex36987d ago

What even is this comment lmao

CrimsonWing6987d ago

They became incompetent because they decided on first person perspective to really immerse the player into the world of cyberpunk?

Y’know, I wanted third person when I heard they said it was first person at first, but after seeing the gameplay demo I don’t know how you can still complain about it being first person. I’m actually grateful it’s first person now.

This reminds me of how there’s that small group of complainers that wished Resident Evil 2 REmake had fixed camera angles.

bluefox75587d ago

I think I'd prefer third person, but CDPR have yet to let me down, so I see no harm in giving them the benefit of the doubt.

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annoyedgamer87d ago

Release a physical PC version with disk, map, manual, goodies and no drm and you got a sale.

MeteorPanda87d ago

sorry why do you need a manual? it's such an outdated piece of paper no one used but for somereason a lot of gamers bring it up like we actually used it...

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The story is too old to be commented.