Streets of Rage 4's Debut Footage Looks Great, But We've Got Questions That Need Answers

Streets of Rage 4's new trailer drip-feeds us new info, but we at Hey Poor Player were left with more questions than you can shake a phonebooth turkey leg at.

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MWH206d ago

I'm looking at the art style and thinking; it reminds me of something.. oh yes! Monkey Island.

MidnightMay0r206d ago

It looks pretty good actually. Managed to capture the vibe of the first two. I’m grabbing it

omegaheat206d ago

Not sure how I feel about that shirt tied around Axel's waist. It's as if that peice of his attire is holding back any impression of him being a badss. Too much? Yes. Sega, what were you thinking? Just look at it. Why doesn't he just drop the shirt if he's brawling? He's going to get blood all over it.

Bane35206d ago (Edited 206d ago )

What a dumb thing to complain about

QuePasa87206d ago

I just wish the animation looked a bit more fluid

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