Times Online Review: Quantum of Solace

Times Online writes: "This Bond tie-in contains scenes from Casino Royale as well as the new film. It's a swish first-person adventure with some dollops of espionage nonsense: you play as a convincingly recreated Daniel Craig (who voiced the game, along with co-stars from the film including Judi Dench)."

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Harri44444037d ago

wow hopefully this is one of those movie games that are actually good

lelik4037d ago

because these guys know how to review video games....

Harri44444037d ago

i know but it is a indication that the game might not suck. i mean to get a 5/5 anywere the game must be some what good

macca284037d ago

this game has totally ripped off call of duty 4 online ,the game looks and feels the same and the maps are great ,all weapons upgrades and perks are in to ,get this game you wil love it