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About writes "Fable II is a gorgeous looking, funny, satisfying game that is a worthy sequel to the original Xbox title. But at the same time it is also filled with glitches and strange design decisions that leave you scratching your head. The good far outweighs the bad, though, and in the end Fable II is a solid experience that we highly recommend.

This review mostly covers things for people already familiar with the Fable universe."

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sushipoop4037d ago

Just like all 360 fanboys. That is all.

TheMART4037d ago


Why is it that you say the same as a guy that's called NASIM???

Lanoire4037d ago

Hardly AAA.

And of course, since its filled with glitches and bugs and gameplay ruining glitches, minus 1 point.

So thats 7 out of 10.

Article should have lowered it to 7.

TheMART4037d ago

You mean like every PS3 game should be reviewed @ a 7 out of 10 or lower besides LittleBigPlanet?

Nah dude. The 360 games actually are fun and not having 'exclusives' that are actually cutscenes for 90 minutes long. But hey, The BetaBluRayStation 3 does one thing well... playing BluRay movies

thor4037d ago

Mart, I will agree that Fable 2 is a good game and the 360 has a lot of good exclusives BUT-
MGS4 has more gameplay than your average game. A speed run (skipping all cutscenes) by the VERY BEST PLAYERS takes 3 hours (I struggle to make it in 5). Halo 3 it's more like 1 and a half, Half-life 2 has been completed in under an hour. I probably got over 15 hours of play time in my first playthrough (completion time was >22 hours).
There are many other great games on PS3 besides MGS4. Not to mention that MOST great games are multiplatform (meaning on PS3 as well). Just look at what's been released recently:
Bioshock PS3
Far Cry 2
Dead Space
Fifa 2009
Fallout 3

TheMART4037d ago

Thanks. You actually proved my point though

The 360 has Gears 1 & 2 soon, Fable 2, Mass Effect, Halo 3 all on or above 9 out of 10

Then the multiplats you mention:

Bioshock PS3 --> 360 best version, out over 1 year before PS3 version
Far Cry 2
Dead Space
Fifa 2009
Fallout 3 --> 360 best version, PS3 version sad to have several problems

Just to point out, the best gaming device is the 360. Buying a PS3 is only logical for MGS fans (new gamers don't have the whole MGS story, so MGS4 isn't a system seller there to new gamers) and the only game exclusive really driving sales can be LittleBigPlanet.

Like I said, real (hardcore) gamers will get different consoles, others are better of to choose the best gaming device. Which clearly is the 360. BTW my LBP PS3 80GB pack will arrive this week, so PS3 fandroids cry all you want. My opinion remains. I've been gaming or 25 years already. Although Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 look nice, Gears of War (1 and 2) clearly define the 360 better then those 2 shooters do for the PS3.

Ah well. I hope Dark Alex gets his magic on the PS3 for some custom firmware like the PSP has. It would be great to run several homebrew stuff for sure.

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sushipoop4037d ago

It should be 2/5 until they fix the 1,000's of glitches. 3/5 when all glitches are patched.

PotNoodle4037d ago

If those 1000 of glitches ruined my gaming experience.

Dmitry Orlov4037d ago

trolling, I see?
or just envious for a game you can't get your hands on?

krakdol4037d ago

Average game confirmed.

fufotrufo4037d ago


Fable 2 scored higher than

Resistance 1
Heavenly Sword
Motorstorm 1 & 2
ALL Ratchet & clank games
Ninja Gaiden Sigma
Valkyria Chronicles
Wipeout HD
Gran Turismo 5

avarage game?

not looking good for all these ps3 exclusives then haha

nbsmatambo4037d ago

GT5 isnt even out yet...

krakdol4037d ago

Pretty average game, but still less terrible than Too Human. Achievement unlocked.

PotNoodle4037d ago

Is an amazing game, so amazing that i renamed my xbox the Fable2Box.

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