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About writes: "It is the year 2277. The lingering effects of nuclear war from 200 years ago have ravaged the world and now you either live in special vaults or you struggle to survive out on the radiation filled wasteland. Your character is a resident of Vault 101 which is just outside of the ruins of Washington D.C. Your life is fairly normal, and you are safe at least. That is until the day your Dad suddenly leaves the vault without telling you. You set out to find him, which leads to the real meat of Fallout 3.

Once you get out on the wasteland, you are free to do whatever you want. The main storyline is only a small part of what you can do. There are cities to explore. Locations to discover. Side quests to complete. And lots and lots of raiders, enemy soldiers, super mutants, ghouls (zombies), and mutated animals to kill. The wasteland is positively huge, and while the ruins of D.C. take up a pretty big chunk of it, there is plenty of wilderness to just wander around aimlessly in as well. Side quests include things like collecting Abe Lincoln doodads at the Museum of History, repairing a radio transmitter on top of the Washington Monument, or even blowing up a town (or not) among many other things. You also will meet a handful of other characters that will join your party as you wander through the wastes. There is a lot to do here and you'll be hooked for dozens of hours."

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