OpenArena - Open source Quake III fun feature from Snappy Gamer

With Quake Live on its way and still no easy way into the invite-only beta, Snappy Gamer decided to take a look at what other options are available for someone who might want to play a bit of Quake for free.

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AAACE54029d ago

They have to do something to get people interested in Quake again!

Edit: Spread the word... Lol is dead! The new one is FAF... Funny as F**k!

TheIneffableBob4030d ago

I like me some hexagonal breasts.

Covenant4030d ago

Nice pic.

Can't wait for more Quake. I wish they'd bring the first 3 to XBLA.

SnappyGamer4030d ago

That'd be good! Definitely need some Quake 2 action on the XBLA.

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