BC Gaming Review: Silent Hill: Homecoming

BC Gaming writes: "The latest installment hits the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 for the first time with dream sequences, antagonistic "Order" and harrowing decisions made by the player, yielding five possible endings. Players follow a deep story involving Alex Shepherd (voiced by actor/voice talent Brian Bloom) who seeks to resolve the disappearance of his brother Joshua. It's a family affair as Alex's mom, Lillian, and father, Adam, are also involved. A local deputy named Wheeler, looking a bit like Forest Whitaker, and Alex's childhood friend Elle Holloway round out the cast.

The strong graphics provide great visuals as developers really ramp up the action with some brutal and gory action sequences. The lighting effects cut through objects to make some unique shadows, giving you a constant feeling of fright, yet the dark settings can make important items easy to miss. And then the monsters come. These aberrations range in quickness and strength, prompting an equally eclectic fighting system. "

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CloudsEnd4033d ago


Finally someone who knows that this game is good.

theusedfake4033d ago

i thought it was a pretty damn good
game as well.

Genesis54033d ago

I have tried to tell people that is a great game. The new combat system is way better than before. I don't know why IGN gave it a 6.5 It is a least an 8 or higher. I loved it.