Sony confirms it will stop letting GameStop and other retailers sell PS4 download codes

PlayStation 4 download codes will no longer be sold at retailers.

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Jin_Sakai1649d ago

You can still buy PSN cards so no big deal.

LOGICWINS1647d ago

Slippery slope bro...slippery slope.

Silly gameAr1647d ago

Stop trying to make this a bigger deal than it really is.

trouble_bubble1647d ago

All physical games eventually get pulled off the shelf. Memory cards and accessories get gone. Consoles and peripherals are retired. Cards, codes and warranties expire. They stopped doing legacy trades. Dude That’s just retail life. Nothing lasts forever. Even your pinto.

gamer78041647d ago

Sorta, alot of people use this for gift giving so as to make it easier on the parent to not worry about if their child could be downloading something not appropriate for their age. there is a food amount of parents who just plug in consoles and don't setup all the safeguards. any way you look at it though less options is not a better deal than more

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Knightofelemia1649d ago

I kinda see why Sony wants to do it cut the middle man such as Gamestop selling the codes. Now the cash just goes straight to Sony when you order the game off the PSN Store. But I don't know many people who actually go into Gamestop to buy a digital code for the game when all the person has to do is just buy a PSN card get the game that way or just use a credit card.

Neonridr1649d ago

I guess it's games like Fornite and such that actually have packages you can purchase even though inside it's just a code to download the game.

Knightofelemia1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I always thought when preordering a game and Gamestop offers a code I always thought it was the dumbest idea in the world. And if Gamestop does it wrong and they screw up you're stuck with a code you can't use and will have a hard time trying to prove they screwed up. I've been to stores where they have actually screwed up activating an actual PSN card.

DillyDilly1647d ago

For all of my Digital Games I just get Gift Card Codes from Amazon for said store. After the Famous PS Hack I pretty much dont save Credit Cards on anything anymore. Amazon is the exception because its an Amazon Only card & cant be used else where

SuperSonic911647d ago

So no more exclusive pre order content for Gamestop?

Tross1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

You do know physical games will still be a thing, right? Gamestop exclusive pre-order content will likely continue. If you’re inquiring about codes for additional content, it’s just game download codes that Sony’s axing here.

darthv721647d ago

will they Tross or will they simply be keys to allow you to play the game after its been downloaded to your system? you still buy the physical disc but the game doesnt play from it let alone install from it. there are games today that are like that so i really dont know what purpose physical media for games really serves anymore.

TimelessDbz1647d ago

Just a hassle to refund a digital code . Makes sense to stop it.

Christopher1647d ago

Same hassle exists on PS Store, tbh.

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ApexWolf221647d ago

People trade their stuff in to save money on their games. But if they still sell the currency then it’s all the same really. It’s smart because now they’re the sole vendors of anything on their marketplace. I’m not sure how they work the math when you buy a Game vs. Just the currency, but I’m sure the win...

rainslacker1647d ago

Companies actually make more on these codes than they do on physical games. Retail carried them because it doesn't really cost them anything to make a few bucks.

I'd imagine the reason they're being removed is because they just dont sell that many. If they sold a lot of them, itd be kind of silly to remove them from the market

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chiefJohn1171649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

This will may effect gifting and going to midnight releases for some people. I personally don't go to GS and buy codes better off downloading from the console but going to midnight releases when I pick physical copies I often see people choose codes.

MrSwankSinatra1648d ago

Not really, if the recent rumors are anything to go by, you'll be able to gift through PSN.

chiefJohn1171647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Not the same as a physical gift. Like at a birthday party for example. Maybe a gift card could suffice

Razzer1647d ago

You see people go to a midnight release at GameSpot to buy a digital code? lol

chiefJohn1171647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I thought the same thing lol but you often get bonuses and it can be a cool experience. Rdr2 had a 9pm release to account for downloading time. As others pointed out some may not trust buying off psn

Razzer1647d ago

"As others pointed out some may not trust buying off psn"

That is silly reasoning considering PayPal is an option on PSN. If you want the experience.....lol....sure.... I guess.

sprinterboy1647d ago

Wow never actually thought of that, seriously some gamers actually do that lol

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DaDrunkenJester1647d ago

Who goes to a midnight launch to get a digital code? Hell, depending on your time zone, if you go digital you can unlock it sooner than midnight if you bought digital on the console.

For instance I always get my digital codes unlocked at 9pm PST because games unlock at 12 EST for NA. So why anyone would wait in a line to just get a DL code when they could have already pre-downloaded and be ready to play right at unlock time is beyond me.

chiefJohn1171647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Lmao ask them not me I thought the same thing when I went to rdr2 release. I was chatting with someone in line and he was roasting about it lol. I even took flak for going to a release and only getting the standard edition

bluefox7551647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I've never understood why people would buy download codes from a brick and mortar. They're never cheaper than the retail version or the digital version.

Razzer1647d ago

Which is probably why Sony is phasing it out. Not enough demand.

fathertime44641647d ago

Mainly to keep your credit card off of the console

Razzer1647d ago

Which is why PayPal is an option for funding