Kojima - "Wii is like a TV"

Now, the PlayStation 3 is like a movie theater for people who want to see this movie on the big screen with THX and 5.1 audio, even if they have to pay a high price. The Xbox 360 is DVD. Basically, you don't know what movie you want to see, so you go to the store and see if you can pick up a good one. The Wii is like a TV for when you're home and you don't know what you want to watch but you [want to] have that variety."

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Anerythristic266197d ago (Edited 6197d ago )

I actually don't know what to say about that level of arrogance , really. I thought the PS3 was the DVD player though ( or Bluray player.) Somebody please knock these idiots off thier pedestal , PLEASE !
Oh and the 360 and Wii are about playing games actually. We all agree the PS3 is the only movie machine of the bunch Kojima. Sorry

kingboy6197d ago

stop making careless comments

Sphinx6197d ago

With all due respect to some cool games you've made, I feel the need to correct your analogy/metaphor: the XBOX360 is like a gaming machine, you turn it on and play when you want to play some games, the Wii is like a gaming machine with a twist and has a lot of appeal to the young and young at heart, so you turn it on when you want to have some light-hearted fun, and the PS3 is like the XBOX360... it plays games, and you can watch movies in an unproven media format that may go the way of the Betamax and the UMD... oh, and it copied the motion-sensing thing from the Wii... oh, and it costs $200 more than the 360... oh yeah, it's also a year later... one more thing, the online capabilities are thrown together and will copy the XBOX Live... wait, one more, it's lacking the forcefeedback feature... but boy is it a-w-e-s-o-m-e!

TheMART6194d ago

Well on one thing he is right. The boxoffice for seeing a movie people only are only visiting ones in a long time. It's a nice experience but nothing for daily use. Same with PS3, it's expensive, says it is everything but a game console and in fact the next BetaBluRay player.

The Wii and 360 are the only real gamers consoles left in the branche. With the Wii as low profile gaming, the 360 next gen graphics and gameplay. Go get them both Wii60 all the way

Darth Gamer6194d ago

Tell me he's not going all Tom Cruise on us now!!

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