First Awesome Gameplay Footage of Streets of Rage 4 Released

Publisher and developer Dotemu (game design) and developers Lizardcube (art direction) and Guard Crush Games (programming) today bless the world with a first look at the lifebar-draining brawls of Streets of Rage 4, an all-new...

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lociefer203d ago

Dude that looks amazing, also that soundtrack is sick, hopfully it comes to all platforms and no exclusivity (that goes for epic too) bs

micdagoat19203d ago

I still hope they bring some music over from part 2

mikeslemonade202d ago

Everything looks good besides the cel shading. I like the more realistic and mature rated look of the originals. Cel Shading not a good idea.

mark_parch202d ago

I would prefer a more pixelated look but I'm loving the animations. I have the streets of rage 2 limited vinyl, hands down the best videogame soundtrack imo.

indysurfn202d ago

They'd better unless they just LOVE backlash.

Army_of_Darkness202d ago

Omg! I've been waiting for SOR 4 forever! This looks awesome! Brings back great fun memories. I'm so getting this on release day!.... I just hope it's not short, episodic or full of bullshit micro transactions.

_SilverHawk_202d ago

I cant wait you get this on day one.

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SuperSonic91203d ago

Who are other two characters with guitar and metal gauntlet?
Looks like they are new.

frostypants202d ago

Yeah the music pulled me right back to my arcade years. So perfect.

indysurfn202d ago

The gameplay was Great but for me the MUSIC was the biggest hook!

Juiceid203d ago

Geezus, hurry up and get this out already!!!

Imortus_san203d ago

I will play this, but its a far cry from the Original or the greatest SoR Remake by bomber Games.

darthv72203d ago

I honestly dont see what is so great about this "remake". it looks like the Genesis version, maybe with some slight remastering but it certainly doesnt qualify as a remake.

Imortus_san203d ago

Because you don't like SoR or you have never played it for real, the differences are huge in gameplay, fun, number of levels, mulltiple paths, music, its a dream for every true side scroll fighting fan.