Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition Rated for PC Hinting at Imminent Release

After its announcement in 2017 and skipping Inside Xbox, the remastered sequel might be right around the corner

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LuzCB19871535d ago

Oh really? I thought this game genre is dead.

goodwin1535d ago

I actually forgot that this was in development. I have AoE 2 HD on Steam, but it's nothing like the defenitive edition.

LuzCB19871535d ago

That is still the old AoE though. No new games in the building strategy genre. Seems like only starcraft 2 survived. I'm just glad they are remastering this game and hopefully gain some attention again.

annoyedgamer1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

It has a huge community playing it especially in Latin America. A massive fan expansion and graphics update was released. M$ saw potential for some money and made their own official remake. Now they are going for a full overhaul. They only thing they arent doing is putting AOE in the AOE3 engine. This is all good for the community as long as they don't make any changes to the games.

annoyedgamer1534d ago

Gkrkf um gkrkhbgjgj. Sorry. Just fanboying over here.