Boomtown: Call of Duty: World at War hands-on Impressions

Boomtown writes: "There are particular moments in World at War's multiplayer; moments where the heat of battle blinds you to the nuances of theme or location, when you realise you could just as well be playing Modern Warfare's multiplayer counterpart. Considering its popularity there's no compelling reason to run to hills just yet, but the decisions Treyarch has made to keep the experience fundamentally identical raise some questions concerning whether investing in World at War is all that beneficial.

I know people, as I'm sure you do, that have completely circumvented Modern Warfare's single player campaign because, as they claim, multiplayer offered a richer combat experience. I wouldn't recommend such evasion myself because it's a fantastic game on and offline, but it demonstrates just how well crafted and rewarding the multiplayer is."

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