Boomtown: Rock Band 2 Harmonix Interview

Boomtown writes: "On a cold Thursday morning (seriously, there was even snow on my way there) I headed to central London and a bar above a brewery (which boded well) to try out a couple of new titles heading to Europe over the next month; Rock Band 2 and Rock Band ACDC. To be completely honest, both Rock Band 2 and AC/DC play very similarly to the original game, and since RB2 is already released in the US, there is little point in me concentrating on the differences, when you could probably just YouTube the title and see for yourself. Let's just say that the upgrades to the game itself including online band world tour, challenges, and a much more interesting single player have tweaked the game to the pinnacle of the music genre. Oh, and a lot of great tracks can't hurt, despite many of them being chord based on guitar.

It was a pleasure to be able to sit down and have a chat with Lead Designer Dan Teasdale, who still seemed genuinely excited about the game and John Drake, PR, who still seemed genuinely excited about making sure Dan didn't reveal too many secrets to me. I started by asking about the upcoming release of Rock Band 2."

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