WorthPlaying: DanceDanceRevolution X Review

WorthPlaying writes: "DanceDanceRevolution X represents the 10th anniversary of the second-largest step in making music and rhythm games as popular as they are, just behind Guitar Hero and well beyond, well, anything else, really. The series remains a moderately popular phenomenon, especially among the simulation circles who have avidly enjoyed open-source clone Stepmania, advanced derivative In The Groove, or the five-panel alternative Pump It Up.

All together, DanceDanceRevolution has enjoyed almost 150 different releases worldwide, including TV plug-in games and even a non-interactive DVD game, across most every console since the first PlayStation. However, complaints have leveled at the series for numerous years now, as it has failed to significantly reinvent itself since 2001's release of DDR Max. Unfortunately, this tradition has continued right to DanceDanceRevolution X, whose limited gameplay enhancements curtail its appeal and show that Konami hardly even cares about the series anymore. They still have some creativity left and at least care somewhat about the fans ... even if they don't seem to know who the main fandom of the series is anymore."

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